Sunday, May 12, 2013

Palm Speciale Belge Ale

A great thing about beer is that you can find it in almost all of the countries of the world in many different styles. One of the best beer countries is Belgium and this particular beer is Palm Special Belge Ale, 5.40% ABV. Palm has been in brewing production since 1747 as a new style of al Special Belge, taste complexity of ale brewed to be refreshing like a pilsner of lager.  Palm pours an orange amber color with a three quarter finger white head. The head doesn’t stay to long and does leave some lacing behind. There is some light coming through the glass and plenty of Carbonation. The aroma is orangey like sweet candy orange slices with a hint of a light grassy note. The taste on Palm is of a big sweet citrusy orange with a small fruit candy and light grassy note. The mouth feel is light to medium, and finish nicely with a hint of the citrus sweetness. The aftertaste is somewhat short with light candy orange sweetness. Palm is a good beer, so I am giving this a B grade. Nothing is wrong with this beer, but they do everything well with this beer. Not a mind-blowing beer, but this is a surprisingly tasty beer. I do recommend this beer, its good. So head over to Mike’s Discount Beverage (4700 Park Rd., Charlotte, NC 28209) for a six-pack and/or a case of Palm. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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