Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Capt. James Jack Pilsner May 20th, 1775

On May 19, 1775 twenty-six local civic leaders convened the Mecklenburg Convention at the corner of Trade and Tryon in downtown Charlotte, NC. One day later on May 20th, the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence was unanimously adopted. It was the first such declaration by any civic body in the British colonies. Captain James Jack, a local tavern owner, volunteered at great personal risk to carry the Declaration more than 500 miles on horse back to the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. That's the interesting story on this Old Mecklenburg Pilsner's name, no on to the beer itself. This is a pilsner at 4.9% abv and has nice sharp gold color with a brilliant white head that is thick, but is gone before you know it. It has a nice calm light hop scent with a sort of grassy aroma to it that smells like a spring lawn, not bad. On the taste you get a crisp hop not that is light and refreshing with the tiniest bit of bitterness. You get a nice clean crispy refreshing finish that goes down rather smooth, that makes this is a good everyday kind of beer, when you just want to good plane beer. This Captain is good and drinkable, not to light not to heavy, a good balance of things. This is good on any day, especially a hot one. Old Mecklenburg Brewery seems to pride themselves on making each beer special, great and tasty in my opinion and that's how you need to feel about most beer in general , pride and happiness. That is key to good beer drinking. Try this and you'll agree! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shiner Blonde

Yes everyone loves a good looking blonde, and this is a one of them. This blonde is a Bohemian-style golden larger. It's a 5% abv blonde that is a true blonde in color with a nice head of white. There is a nice hoppy scent and there really is much more that I found. The Blonde has a nice crisp slightly sweet taste that is full of flavor. Shiner blends American and European hops to achieve the great taste. It is great on a hot day of working or being outside. Shiner Blonde is quite refreshing. The finish is light crisp, slightly bubbly with a tiny sweet hop flavor. I believe that most common beer drinker would enjoy this, simply because well it simple. Not much to this beer really, nor does it look dark, bitter, and/or heavy. Good spring and summer beer. This is good, but not excellent. I would give this to Bud drink and make a Shiner Blonde drink out or him, and I would work. It's a better than a Budweiser in my opinion. I should try that sometime, and you should try THIS sometime. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Shiner Bock

This here is a pretty common beer from Shiner. It's pretty easy to find around most of this country. This Shiner is a Bock beer. If you don't know what a bock beer is please read my lesson on bock beer here on this blog. Shiner Bock is 5.0% ABV, and is the combination of old world Bavarian heritage with American handcrafted brewing. There is a nice semi sweet scent about this on that remind of a sweet roll, with a nice roasted malt scent. Tasting this bock you get a smooth malt taste with very little hops and that nice subtle roasted malt. Shiner Bock has nice clean finish with a tiny sweetness with a good crisp malt finish. This dark beer is delightfully drinkable. This is yet another beer that isn't at all what is appears to be. This a good beer to sway some to liking darker beer, or want to try them. Some say this is just a novelty brew, but those don't know squat about beer or how good this is. This one is like my old friend, good always there, easy to get a hold of, and one of the first beers I had eight or nine years ago. I look back and say what a great choice. I really like this Bock! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Shiner Ryes & Shine

Well it's been a while on the beer blogging but do not worry there is plenty of taste beers worth blogging about, Like this one. This is a Shiner, (Shiner, TX), and no it not really the perfect summer beer as the glass would lead you to believe. But that is a Shiner glass. Anyway, this is a darker beer, but not like a porter or stout, more long the lines of a dark brown ale. This is a Rye Lager of medium-body and 5% Abv.This rye beer trend is a growing trend in the beer world. There is all kinds of different rye beer, such as a rye larger, rye IPA, and rye pale ale. This Ryes and Shine use rye malt and chocolate rye from Germany, caramel malt and three hop varieties. Ryes and Shiner has a roasted scent with the smallest hint of sweet sugar. The taste starts off rich and roasted with touches of sweetness and little hops. Then it finishes nice dry with again nice sweet hops. This rye lager is quite good, it surprised me. I didn't think it would be as good. I mean I was thinking that it was going be average, but it was above that. This isn't a heavy beer as it would look. Most people think darker beers are heavy, sour, bitter, thick, and they are not always right. I think this is one that could make a beer drinker think twice before judging a dark beer again. It's good my friends! Cheer! Please drink responsibly!