Monday, July 22, 2013

Carolina Brewery Sky Blue Golden Ale

The newest trend in beer is not a new style of beer but something that has been around since beer came to our great nation, the can. The can is beer for the environment, coast less to produce, gets cold quicker, easier for transportation and better for outdoor activities. This canned beer is a local from the Carolina Brewery, called Sky Blue, a K├Âlsh, 5.0% ABV. Sky Blue pours a nice golden color with a half finger of white head that fades away with the carbonation bubbles. There is lots of light streaming through the beer with lost of fast carbonation bubbles.  The aroma on Sky Blue is very juice like with a very faint bread malt scent.  This is a good smelling beer. The taste is light with a nice fruit flavor and a hint of the lighter malts coming thought. This beer has a nice crisp taste to it that lends itself fro a refreshing beer. The mouth feel is light and crisp, with a smooth and lightly sweet finish. The after taste is less fruity that it is on the start but still great, and cleans up well. This is a good sessionable beer, not to strong on the ABV or the flavor, this is something good that anyone or I could drink a few of and still enjoy at the end. So this is getting an A- here, a well crafted beer, something that would be a great everyday beer. I would really recommend that you go out and try this beer! I would have this again and again. So go see how you like Blue Sky Golden Ale! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Newcastle Bomeshell

An Englishman’s first love is his brown ale. However in the summer time he often fancies blondes instead. This is a new summer beer from the Newcastle brewers, Bombshell, an English style pale blonde ale, 4.4% ABV.  Newcastle uses a combination of Cascade, Hellertau, and Northdown hops. Also in use here are toasted malts. Bombshell pours a golden color with a very white head that fades very quick, leaving the lightest whip of lacing behind. I found tons of light coming though the glass with finite amounts of slow carbonation bubbles. The aroma is a very light biscuit scent but is slightly sweet. The aroma over is light and you really have to get into the beer to fined any distinctive aromas. The taste is light with a faint malted biscuit flavor, but it a sharp and slightly sweet flavor. I found the flavor on this to be smooth yet plane. The mouth feel is light, refreshing and somewhat crisp. This Bombshell finishes nice and clean with a light biscuit after taste that fades just as quickly as it came. This is a beer you would like to have with you just want t plane beer. So it is receiving D+ here. Not a bad beer, but not my new favorite beer. I think that it need a little more in the flavor department, but that doesn’t mean it’s flavorless. Just need to perk that area up a little. I think this is good for a warm day, and yes it was a bit refreshing. Sometimes you don’t want a big bold flavorful beer, and this is an alternative, but they are better ones out there. So go on out and try this Newcastle Bombshell and see how you like it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Abita Lemon Wheat

This is that time of year when you find so many different types of wheat and wheat like beers. Wheat beers are great for warm summer days and can be refreshing. Here we have one of Abita’s newest beer which is a seasonal, Lemon Wheat, 4.4% ABV. This unfiltered wheat beer is made with lemon peal lager and wheat malts. They also use Centennial hops and Biere de Garde yeast. Lemon Wheat pours a hazy golden color with not much of a head. I found some little light coming through the glass with nice carbonation bubbles. The aroma on this Lemon Wheat is citrusy lemon but somewhat on the lighter side. There was a touch of a very faint candy scent as well. The taste is a medium lemony citrus flavor that is slightly sweet, but you do get a very tiny sour note towards the end. I don’t really taste a big wheat presents to this, but they is a little amount of it there.  The mouth feel is light to medium and does drink well. The finish on this is a faintly semi sweet with a hint of a sour lemon drop candy note. The after taste of the lemony taste does not stick around for to long before it fades away. Abita beers are always above average in my opinion, but his is getting C+ here. I found this beer need more of the wheat flavoring to it. But not a bad brew, it’s just that is not the best wheat beer, and there are better wheat’s out there. Would I have this again? Sure I would, it was good. So go out and try Abita Lemon Wheat and see how you like it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crown Valley Brewing Peach Wheat Peach Beer

In the world of beer nothing is more refreshing that a wheat beer, and how could you go wrong with that and even if you had some sweet fruit to that Wheaties beer. That sounds good right? Well not always does it. This beer is from Crown Valley Brewing from Ste. Genevieve Missouri. They are new to me and to my area. This is there Peach Wheat Peach Beer, 5.5% ABV. This wheat beer pours a very light hazy pale yellow color with a half a finger thin white head that fades super quick, and with no lacing. I could barely see light though the glass, and I did however find some carbonation bubbles. The aroma on this beer is strong and pungent with a peachie aroma. I could smell it from afar. There is not much else to the aroma, but just a big bomb of peaches. The bottle does clam they use Missouri peaches, well I didn’t know that peaches were grown there. The Taste on Peach Wheat is big on sweetness from the peaches, but fades kind of quickly. Nowhere among the peach sweetness did I find any traces of wheat flavors. This isn’t something you want with a wheat beer. Towards the back of your mouth you do get a tiny fruit bitterness. Yes this Peach Wheat is refreshing. The mouth feel is light and the aftertaste is slightly bitter with a touch of peach sweetness. Overall I think this isn’t a good peach wheat beer, so I am giving this D+. I was hopping for more flavorful wheat taste to this and found it lacking of that wheat. The peach was okay could’ve had a little more peach character to it. This beer was not balanced well. I didn’t hate this or think it’s disgusting. It was all right to me. Would I have this again? No not right away. I think that RJ Rocker’s Son of a Peach is a better example of a good peach wheat beer. I am not say that you should avoid Crown Valley Brewing Peach Wheat Peach Beer, I just think it is slightly below average and somehow not the worst. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!       

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Samuel Smith Pure Brewed Organic Lager

When it comes to craft beer the word Lager is looked on as a bad or dirty word. That can be so do to BMC (Bud Miller Coors) for brewing such bad or weak tasting beers. But I don’t think that lager is such a fowl word. I have had some great lagers and this Samuel Smith Pure Brewed Organic Lager, 5.0% ABV, is what a BMC/lager beer should taste like. Samuel Smith an English brewery has some of the best beers in the world. This lager is no different. Samuel Smith Lager pours a bright golden color with a pure white foamy head that says for a nice while and makes very nice lacing. There is tons of light streaming through the glass with tons of little carbonation bubbles. This is a beautiful look lager beer. The aroma on this English lager is bready from the malted barely used. I also found a cracker like scent among the bready aroma. The taste is not far off from the nice aroma; I found it bready up front and a little teeny sweetness toward the end. The flavors on this lager are crisp, sharp, light, and refreshing. The mouth feel is light and refreshing, and has a clean crisp bready like finish. The after taste is a tad bit sweeter then the start but fades out rather quick. I think this is Samuel Smith Pure Brewed Organic Lager is how a BMC should taste. Forget adding SO much water to the darn lager. This Samuel Smith beer is getting A+ from me. This is a an excellently brewed lager, and a great example of how a lager is supposed to be. I have yet to have a bad Samuel Smith beer! All of the beers that they brew are just as excellent as the last. This Organic Lager is something I would have over and over again, and it’s good that is 5.0% ABV. I highly recommend trying this lager, so go and see how great this beer is! Cheers Please enjoy responsibly!