Saturday, June 23, 2012

Unibroue Don De Dieu

The Unibroue brewery does an outstanding job on brewing great beers, and this one is right with all they're others. This is a triple wheat ale in the Belgian style brewed with spices, and is a strong one at 9% abv, and is refermented in yeast. This big wheaty brew pours a very cloudy orange almost a brownish color with a thick pillowy white head. It's a beautiful beer to look at. I see this I and wow I want to have it. There is plenty of wheaty scent to this along with a scent of alcohol. Very nice wheat and orange scents to this. There is also a nice clove spice note, along with a  very faint orangey-banana as well. Again all very nice overall scent to this. Now the taste is more of a heavy wheat, do to the fact that it is a triple wheat. So this is not as drinkable as others. Don has a nice orange spice note that is most pleasing to your pallet. But I would call this refreshingly nice and good to drink. Don De Dieu has a nice heavy spiced wheat aftertaste that is slightly less than the start, but this finishes nicely. I love the triple wheat aspect of this beer, and Unibroue did that very well. I will even go a step farther and say that the bottle this wonderful wheat came in was nice with it gold foil around the neck and over the bottle cap was a nice classy touch, and Unibroue always has just interesting pictures their labels which I do find a bit neat. I like the Unibroue brewery and Don De Dieu a lot, even though it sits heavy in your stomach. It has all the right flavors done just right. That's the way you do a big triple wheat beer. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Rogue MoM Hefeweizen with Rose Petals

MoM hefe sounded interesting when I saw it on the shelf, and you know I like hefeweizen, so I bough this one. MoM is a 6% abv hefewiezen. This pours an almost golden color with a thin white head. There really isn't any strong scent to this MoM here, just a fine wheat, and sweet rose like smell that is different. Now when taste any sort of wheat beer I expect to really taste the wheat, which is why I buy I nice wheat beer in the first place. This has a little some faint wheat flavor, that has a sweetness behind it. Not really a bad sweetness but I didn't find the wheat in this to be very good. But it's a boring wheat flavor to taste, and I could not find the rose flavor that this was claiming to have, and I was look and taste for it. MoM has nice crisp finish that is good, but that doesn't get this one out of the boring room. But it does keep bad away from it. Yes not bad, but boring. Half way though this I was starting to forget what I was drink slightly. Not so good. But this isn't a heavy wheat beer, but yeah it very light. This is the Toyota Camry of Hefewiezen. Not bad but so boring that you don't want to by it and be seen doing it. I can't sit here and tell you more about this because there really isn't a lot going on with this MoM Hefe. I didn't hate this at all. Just a wet beverage to me. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Franziskaner Weissbier

Two years ago I was traveling across Europe and was in Germany, and I at the hotel bar they had this wheat beer. Being a fan of wheat beers I ordered this and I fell in love. This is a very well brewed weissbier or wheat beer. This, Franziskaner is 5.6% abv, not an average abv. Franziskaner poor a cloudy orange color with a thick head that just goes on and on and on. It kind of takes over your glass. But that common among real German wheat beers and such. There is a nice banana scent that goes right behind that sweet orange wheat scent that is so wonderful. This here makes me smile when I see it and put my nose to it. The tastes make me feel the same way, with it nice wheat flavors. I found this to have a nice kind of sweet banana to this but nothing like Baltika wheat but that banana on this is quit good. This is has a nice smooth wheat taste that is not overly filling or heavy. Some wheat beer can be heavy and that isn't good if you really like how it taste, and want another. This has the right amount of wheat and yeast to it. Very well done. Well I would hope that they do a very good job on brewing since they've been doing it since 1397. I can even begin to wonder what beer drink has been like from then to now. When you drink a German beer it so simple yet so good and people talk about them like they are a complex beer. I love this one a lot. Very very and good and so well done. Cheer! Please drink responsibly!

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

In in the past of I have written that I don't really like the Brooklyn Brewery, but yet here I am writing another post about one of they're beers. But this here, a classic Saison ale (Farmhouse Ale) is quite good, not the best but good. Sorachi Ace is not something that is a full production brew, it is sort of limited, and only comes in a 1 pint 9.4 fluid ounce bottle. Sorachi Ace is brewed with their special Belgian ale strain. They also bottle re-ferment this with Champagne. This brew is 7.6% ABV but doesn't taste nearly that strong, but close. Now this one is not as easy to find as other Brooklyn beers, but I would not say that it's hard to find. Sorachi pours a cloudy gold color with a nice thick white head. It looks good. Now there are nice scents of hops and a small amount of grain and zesty lemon. notes to it. But this here doesn't have really have strong hop scents like an IPA. Just more than some. There really isn't much scent or smells to write about. But that's not a bad thing. The taste is hoppy, but not overly hopped. There is a nice hint of Champagne like taste there, that is nice. But to much Champagne taste and it's starting to become not as good. A beer should be a beer, not something else. There is a nice lemon zest to this that makes it a fine hint of sourness but in a good way that is tasty. Sorachi Ace has nice white wine finish that is has a tiny sweetness to it. This brew here goes very nicely with cheese and crackers, very good. Now, this is not heavy it is light somewhat drinkable, but not entirely due to it's higher abv percent. Too much of this and you'll be drunk faster than some other beers would. Remember that! This is good but it more of a special thing, something you have for a certain time or a special time, like a celebration or something or that nature. This wouldn't be your everyday beer. But this is good really good for what it is, Saison, and not a lot of people know what that is, so there isn't a lot of them being brewed but more that you'd think. This is good for a special day and makes it better. Cheers! Please Drink responsibly!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Epic Brewing Brainless on Peaches

You don't have to be brainless to like this! Here we have a beer from Epic Brewings Exponential Series, this is Brainless on Peaches 10.7% abv. This is a Belgian style ale that is brewed with peaches and on French oak barrels. This is special because they on brew enough for 1,800 one pint six fluid ounce bottle. Lucky me! Well this pours a glassy golden color with a bright thin head. There is plenty of peach scents to this beer. There is a nice small faint scent of grain but I was really looking hard for that, but I found that but it smells just like a true Belgian ale, just with lots of peaches. The taste is nice and peachy with a strong alcoholic flavor. The aftertaste is sweet grainy and yes peachy, and still strong. I found this overall surpisingly good. I thought it would be dark and bitter, with a faint hint of a peach. But I wrong, so wong. This was tasty indeed. I was surprised. See not all barrel aged bee is what you think, dark bitter, heavy strong, yeah I know this one was but it was the good kind of strong, and some tend to be thick and not so good with taste but I give Epic Brewing Brainless on Peaches an A. I will be more open-minded toward barrel aged beer since having this tasty fellow. Now go forth and have one of these and tell me it's not good, bet you can't! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!  

Baltika #8 Wheat Ale

This wheat brew come to us all the way from St. Petersburg Russia. Baltika brewery has won several differnt awards for they're beers but it was in Euro beer cup a few years ago, so I am not really sure as to what they won. I know I say this often, but I love wheat beers, one of my favorite styles. This #8 wheat is 5.0% abv, and pours a hazy golden color with a brilliant pillowy wheat head that looks like you can lay on it for a beery nap. That is very good in the looks department when you're talk about beer. Number 8 wheat has a bold scent of banannas and nice wheaty floral grassy notes, very sweet and pleasent scent to this wonderful wheat. I can tell you this reminds me a bit of a grainy wheat bread. Taste ah yes taste, this wheat as bananna all over it, yes wonderful ripe bananna, and great little wheat hint there too. This has a bananna bread finish that is so good and crisp. I found this surprisingly wonderful and was wishing that this bottle wasn't empty. This has the right amount of wheat to it, because if you have to mych wheat in an wheat beer it tends to really fill you up and on a hot day that is not good, you might feel not so great. I love this but they Germans to it so much better but not to say that this isn't good, this is a 9 and most German wheats are between a 9.5 and 11. This is good, bananna good, I love this Baltika #8 wheat ale alot. It is a good beer for the warm summer time any time you need to unwind with a good brew. This goes nicely when chilled, served in a cold glass and shared with a friend. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Uinta Brewing Monkshine

Uinta brewing company is in Salt Lack City and brews this Belgian Style Blond ale organicly. This Belgian blonde is 6.8% abv, not as strong as the true Belgian blondes, which can be around 7% to 8% abv. This Uinta pours a nice blonde color with a great big white head. It looks good in a glass. There is a nice strong yeast scent that is surrounded by a small grassy floral scent. That is all average to my nose, nothing really exciting there. Monkshine has that strong Belgian hit of yeasty a alcohol taste to it but not as strong as the best Belgians. There is a fine crisp tart apple present but it is low on the taste scale. I find the be plain yet not great but just okay. The finish is slightly sour still crisp but very plain bordering on boring. Yikes I hate to be a boring beer lover. Anyway, I would have this sometime again but not really crazy about it. I guess that is I am such a big fan or all real Belgian beer and I've had some of the best Belgian beer in the world. This is not the best but can it be better? Maybe but that is a big maybe. There is on a handful of breweries that can do a true Belgian beer right, others try and miss. This is not my favorite. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shiner Ruby Redbird

Shiner has made another great beer! Yes I love a good Shiner. This is a nice summer seasonal brewed with Texas Ruby Red grapefruit juice and lovely ginger, at 4.01% abv. These two pair well together. Ruby pous a nice golden orange color with a nice head of white that laces nicely as you enjoy this Redbird. The aroma is of a nice citrus fruitt that a tangy sweet scent. It reminds me of a fresh grapefruit. The scent of this is very inviting, nice and pleasent. Ruby has nice sweet and tangy flavor that is of critrus fruit and then there is a nice pleasent kick of tangy ginger that finishes nice and tart. The is beer is sweet at first but finishes nice and tart, and isn't bitter like a grapefruit. This is a bit sweet than an average grapefruit, but not much though, just a tad, a bit, just smige. This is a very well balanced beer that is crisp refreshing and very drinkable. I have always liked this and always look foward to having one when it arrives at the stores. Neither of the two ginger or grapefruit over power one another, the work well perfectly and make for one great big taste when combined here. Ruby is very very freshing, even on the hottest of days when you see heat waves off the road. Yes you can see that, just drive on a Texas highway in July. I get all happy when I have this, I feel relaxed and I welcome the warm summer time to come. This is on my favorites list, and it should be on yours! Cheers! Please drink resonsibly! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Unibroue Emphemere

I have had a lot of different fruits beer, but nothing like this ale brewed with apple juice, coriander and curaco peels. It's nothing like a Framboise. This ale is a bit stronger at 5.5% abv and isn't nearly as fruity. Emphemere is not overly sweet, but is tart with nice green apples. This pours a hazy darkish brownish kind of gold with a bubbly head that is off white. It has very nice crisp apple scents with a mild spice note. Now the taste is something very different to my taste buds. I found it to be a bit sour and candy like, like a sour apple hard candy or lollipop. Good taste but this apple ale has more bubbles than your average fruit beer. That's a good quality. This Canadian brew has a crisp apple candy finish that is crisp yet nice. I'm not saying this is over the top in the bubble department, but this has more than the average has. I like this but it grew on me after two or so, which is okay, and not every beer should knock your taste buds out and wow you on the first taste. Some you should dig into the flavors and find out you like it, and you will feel more like a beer connoisseur when you find that you like it. This is good on the fist sip but after a while becomes much better. This is one to try. Go for this one! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!