Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Uinta Brewing Monkshine

Uinta brewing company is in Salt Lack City and brews this Belgian Style Blond ale organicly. This Belgian blonde is 6.8% abv, not as strong as the true Belgian blondes, which can be around 7% to 8% abv. This Uinta pours a nice blonde color with a great big white head. It looks good in a glass. There is a nice strong yeast scent that is surrounded by a small grassy floral scent. That is all average to my nose, nothing really exciting there. Monkshine has that strong Belgian hit of yeasty a alcohol taste to it but not as strong as the best Belgians. There is a fine crisp tart apple present but it is low on the taste scale. I find the be plain yet not great but just okay. The finish is slightly sour still crisp but very plain bordering on boring. Yikes I hate to be a boring beer lover. Anyway, I would have this sometime again but not really crazy about it. I guess that is I am such a big fan or all real Belgian beer and I've had some of the best Belgian beer in the world. This is not the best but can it be better? Maybe but that is a big maybe. There is on a handful of breweries that can do a true Belgian beer right, others try and miss. This is not my favorite. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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