Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baltika #8 Wheat Ale

This wheat brew come to us all the way from St. Petersburg Russia. Baltika brewery has won several differnt awards for they're beers but it was in Euro beer cup a few years ago, so I am not really sure as to what they won. I know I say this often, but I love wheat beers, one of my favorite styles. This #8 wheat is 5.0% abv, and pours a hazy golden color with a brilliant pillowy wheat head that looks like you can lay on it for a beery nap. That is very good in the looks department when you're talk about beer. Number 8 wheat has a bold scent of banannas and nice wheaty floral grassy notes, very sweet and pleasent scent to this wonderful wheat. I can tell you this reminds me a bit of a grainy wheat bread. Taste ah yes taste, this wheat as bananna all over it, yes wonderful ripe bananna, and great little wheat hint there too. This has a bananna bread finish that is so good and crisp. I found this surprisingly wonderful and was wishing that this bottle wasn't empty. This has the right amount of wheat to it, because if you have to mych wheat in an wheat beer it tends to really fill you up and on a hot day that is not good, you might feel not so great. I love this but they Germans to it so much better but not to say that this isn't good, this is a 9 and most German wheats are between a 9.5 and 11. This is good, bananna good, I love this Baltika #8 wheat ale alot. It is a good beer for the warm summer time any time you need to unwind with a good brew. This goes nicely when chilled, served in a cold glass and shared with a friend. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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