Saturday, June 23, 2012

Unibroue Don De Dieu

The Unibroue brewery does an outstanding job on brewing great beers, and this one is right with all they're others. This is a triple wheat ale in the Belgian style brewed with spices, and is a strong one at 9% abv, and is refemented on yeast. This big wheaty brew pours a very cloudy orange almost a brownish color with a thick pillowy white head. It's a beautiful beer to look at. I see this I and wow I want to have it. There is plenty of wheaty scent to this along with a scent of alcohol. Very nice wheat and orange scents to this. There is also a nice clove spice note, along with a a very very faint orangey-banana as well. Again all very nice overall scent to this. Now the taste is more of a heavy wheat, do to the fact that it is a triple wheat. So this is not as drinkable as others. Don has a nice orange spice note that is most pleasing to your pallet. But I would call this refreshingly nice and good to drink. Don De Dieu has a nice heavy spiced wheat aftertaste that is slightly less then the start, but this finishes nicely. I love the triple wheat aspect of this beer, and Unibroue did that very well. I will even go a step feather and say that the bottle this wonderful wheat came in was nice with it gold foil around the neck and over the bottle cap was a nice classy touch, and Unibroue always has just interesting pictures on they're labels which I do find a bit neat. I like the Unibroue brewery and Don De Dieu a lot, even though it sits heavy in your stomach. It has all the right flavors done just right. That's the way you do a big triple wheat beer. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!  

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