Monday, March 13, 2017

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Sidecar Orange Pale Ale

I love oranges so would I like this Sierra Nevada Sidecar Orange Pale Ale, 5.3% ABV? Well I like the original Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. So lets see! Sierra Nevada Sidecar is a newer year round offering. Sierra Nevada Sidecar pours a light top medium copper color with a two and a half finger head of white that fades at a steady pace leaving behind some minimal lacing. The aroma is orange/orange juice of course with orange peel, orange seeds. There is a faint pine yet earthy notes. Taste is much the same as it smells on the nose, there is the orange/ orange juice, orange peel and seeds with a pale ale earth and slight pine on the back of the mouth. But this Sidecar is more orange than anything. The mouth feel is light to slightly medium and finishes with a faint bitter orange flavor that leaves the same juicy after taste that lingers until you take another sip. Overall Sierra Nevada Sidecar orange Pale Ale is great, it get an A. It has a big orange flavor with a little bit of pale ale flavors towards the end that make it a great drinking beer. Sierra Nevada Sidecar is something that you’d want again and again. The flavor does not overpowering your palate. It has the right amount of balance to it. I So I do like Sierra Nevada Sidecar orange Pale Ale, and I recommend it! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Brüeprint Brewing Company Brüe Scarlet Amber Ale

Look at the red head we have here Brüeprint Brewing Company Brüe Scarlet Amber Ale, 4.8% ABV from Apex North Carolina. Brüe Scarlet pours a murky brownish red like color with a three and a quarter finger off white head that fade into a thick halo leaving behind halfway decent lacing. The aroma has some sweetness, and malty notes with a slight metallic note. The taste upfront is somewhat sweet probably from the malts, then in the middle comes more malted flavors and a slight metallic bitterness in the back of the mouth. Brüe Scarlet finished with a weird bitterness that seems off and slightly metallic, it lingers into the after taste becoming more pronounced and stays around annoying you and your taste buds. This Brüe Scarlet Amber Ale started out okay then quickly turned for the worse, and with that said I give this a D-. The finish and after taste just killed this beer otherwise it would have been okay. But I am not a big fan of amber ales, but I don’t hate them. I guess I am indifferent about amber ales. This Brüeprint Brewing Company Brüe Scarlet Amber Ale is not one I would recommend. It’s like the flavor give up at the end of just falls out. I don’t know why, maybe the types of malts and hops used come together and cause the weird finish/aftertaste. But what ever it is it isn’t good, so no more Brüeprint Brewing Company Brüe Scarlet Amber Ale’s for me. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Foothills Brewing Craft Happiness Haven IPA

The second installment of Foothills Brewing Craft Happiness IPA series is here. This is Haven IPA, 7.0% ABV. This IPA is brewed with Citra hops, and is dedicated to helping the lives of rescue animals everywhere. Haven IPA pours a deeper golden color with a four finger billowing white fluffy head with great retention. The head stays for a while and leaves behind great whips of lacing. The aroma is citrusy, with notes of grapefruit, pine, slight sweetness and some earthy notes. Flavor is quite nice on Haven, which it always is for a Foothills IPA, it similar to the aroma, with slight sweetness, citrus and grapefruit bitterness, touches of earthy pine notes and toward the back of the mouth the sweetness grows a bit more pronounced. The mouth feel is medium with a nice bittersweet citrus finish and a slight lingering of more citrusy flavor and hint of pine. Foothills Brewing Haven Craft Happiness IPA is defiantly an A+ beer like most of the IPAs Foothills brews. This IPA is well balanced with lots of citrus flavors and no one flavor over powers anything else. Haven is a very well brewed IPA. You should defiantly try Foothills Brewing Craft Happiness Haven IPA, I highly recommend it! Cheers!       

Monday, March 6, 2017

Rogue Ales Chipotle Ale

Spicy foods and especially drink is something that I like. Really brings out the flavors in foods when you spice it up. I have Rogue Ales Chipotle Ale, 5.4% ABV, which is brewed with Chipotle Peppers, 2-Row, C40 Malts, Rogue Farms Dare & Risk Malts, Rogue Farms Liberty, &Alluvial Hops, Free Range Coastal Water & Packman Yeast. Chipotle Ale pours an Amber color with an off white semi beige three and a half finger head. The aroma is faintly spiced with peppers and there is a bit of malts there as well with a slight faint sweetness. Taste isn’t what you’d expect from this spiced pepper ale. It’s delicately spiced with some faint malt flavor. Chipotle Ale tastes a bit like a rauchbier. The mouth feel is medium with a warming finish that leads into a more spicy jalapeno finish that get spicier has it fades. This beer wasn’t what I thought it was going to be and was good, A- good. I would’ve liked to have a bit more Chipotle spice, but what was there was still good. I also like that the chipotle peppers weren’t over powering and too spicy. The spicy finish was a good bit as well. This is a great beer and adding Chipotle peppers to this Amber ale made it good with out over powering the entire beer and ruining it. I recommend Rogue Ales Chipotle Ale. It’s good! Cheers! Please enjoy responsible!