Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shine Wild Hare Pale Ale

Spring is around the corner and now spring seasonal beers are hitting the store shelves, with many different interpretations of spring seasonal beers. This is Shiner’s Wild Hare Pale Ale, American Pale Ale. Shiner uses Munich malt, U.S. Golding hops, and Bravo Hops. I have had this beer at the Shiner Spoetzl Brewery. Wild Hare pours a deep golden sunset orange color with a bright white one finger head that goes away fast and leave not so great faded lacing. I found a good amount of light streaming through the glass and some carbonation that faded out after a while. The aroma is a citrusy orange with a hint of grapefruit and some light hops. Wild Hare smells bright and spring like to me with its nice citrus notes. The taste of Wild Hare is citrusy with orange and hints of grapefruit. There is a hope bitterness following the citrus notes but nothing tongue numbing but nice and bit hoppy. Not to extreme with IBU’s on this beer, it’s low IBU tasting. This beer has a lighter mouth feel with minimal hop bitterness. The finish is hoppy with a nice citrus note. The aftertaste is little hoppier and less citrusy but does stay for a while and finishes nice, sharp and crisp. This is a refreshing hop beer. I am giving this A, a good beer that is easy drinking, with refreshing aftertaste. I would so have this again. But this is not the best pale ale ever in my opinion, but way up there. I like this one and would recommend this to hop head/hop lovers. Go out and give Shiner Wild Hare a try, and see how you like it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saranac Black & Tan

In a bar somewhere some time ago someone had the idea to take two beer styles, stout and lager and combine the two, they poured a lager into a glass followed by a stout, the stout would just stay on the top of the lager. But then a while later someone else deiced to brew and bottle it that way, and now we have what is called a Black and Tan. This is Saranac Black and Tan, 5.40% ABV.  This Saranac pour a light black color with a half of a finger of tan head that goes quick. I found very little light coming through the glass and not so much carbonation.  The aroma on Black and Tan is roasted coffee and a little and tiny amount of chocolate. I didn’t fine any lager or lager like scent due to the stronger roasted stout notes. The taste is not as full as you think, but still a nice amount of roasted coffee and a little chocolate, but on the end I found a little lager flavor with a little bitterness. The taste is smooth and surprisingly crisp. The mouth feel is lighter even though there is stout present. Black and Tan finishes nicely and little crisp with a nice after taste of roasted coffee and just a tiny hint of bitterness. Overall I would say this is easy to drink, something you could drink at least three. This doesn’t have a high ABV (5.40%) or overpowering flavors. I am giving this a B+. I found there to be a very tiny bit of bitterness on the end coming from lager here. But this is a easy drinking dark beer, I’d say it is even sessionable. I would recommend this and I would like to have this again but I am not dying to run out and by more as soon as possible. What a great beer from Saranac in New York. So go out and try this Saranac Black and Tan for yourself and see if this is what you like. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout

Well it still is wintertime outside, well it sure looked like it here over the weekend with a big snow hitting the Charlotte area, and I thought that would call for a nice dark stout. So I pick a few, one being The Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout, 5.70% ABV. This is a sweet full-bodied stout, brewed in Farmville North Carolina. This milk stout uses lactose or milk sugar to give this its nice sweetness. They also nice amount highly roasted gains. Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout pours a thick black color with a quarter finger tan head that quickly dissipates and does leave tiny amounts of lacing. There was no light coming through the glass and I found no traces of carbonation bubbles. The aroma is big sweet and roasted with a hint of baker chocolate. The aroma reminded me a little of coffee with cream. The taste is first sweet followed be a chocolate roasted coffee flavor with a hint of baker’s coco. The mouth feel is more on the full side, the flavor really coat you mouth to leave a full finish with a aftertaste of sweet roasted chocolate coffee. But I thought that this Duck-rabbit was easy to drink. I am giving this an A. Good flavors all around on this, and they all work well with one another to create one heck of a good beer. Nothing about this beer is overly done or bad. I do recommend this beer and will certainly have this again. Please go out and get yourself a bottle to try and see what you think of The Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye

There is a wide range of ingredients when it comes to brewing beer, but some brewers and beer drinkers overlook some. One in particular is rye a grain closely related to wheat but tends to be a bit dark in color. There are a few breweries that use rye. Here is one example of a rye beer. This is Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye 2013 6.6% ABV, which is a west coast style IPA with rye. Ruthless rye is a seasonal release, and Sierra Nevada says it fits in between winter and spring, that transition between the two. Ruthless Rye pours darker than most IPAs. It pours a deeper amber/copper color with a tree finger white bubbly head. This beer does have some lacing to the glass. I found some light coming through the class with very little amount of carbonation bubbles. The aroma is just like a west coast IPA, with a citrusy scent of grapefruit, and a hint of orange peal. The taste of Ruthless Rye has a nice amount of hop bitterness up front with nice grapefruit flavor that is followed bye a hit of a small peppery spice. There is also a very faint malt character to it. The mouth feel is light and this beer does finish well with a citrusy grapefruit aftertaste. The aftertaste does say for a little and the fade before you next sip. Well I like this on because of the rye in it, but it doesn’t WOW me. So I am giving this a B. This is a good effort from the folks Sierra Nevada. I mean they do hoppy beers well. They were the first breweries to brew pale ale here in the U.S. It’s good too. But anyway, this Ruthless Rye is worth a try, and I would recommend this to any IPA or rye fan. I would have this again. It is a good solid beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sea Dog Apricot

Well yet again I find that I have had and now reviewing yet another fruit beer, an apricot beer in particular. You can easily find fruit beer anywhere, they are fairly common and most found in the spring and summer seasons. This one in particular is Sea Dog Apricot (wheat ale) from Pugsley Brewing in Portland Maine, at 4.6% ABV.  I don’t know if this beer is a year round or a seasonal beer. This Sea Dog pours an orange/copper color with a quarter of a thin white head. I’ve found that most fruit beers like this lack any head, and they tend to fade rather quickly with no lacing, much like this one. I found tons of light coming through the glass on this with a good amount of carbonation there as well. The aroma on Sea Dog Apricot is big, fresh, and ripe apricot with a very tiny hint of light malt, but the malts are almost non-existent. But mostly you get big citrus/apricot aromas on this beer. The taste is pretty much what it says on the label, big sweet and ripe apricot and almost peach like, and you do get a little tingle from the carbonation bubbles. The mouth feel is light and fruity with a hint of bubbles on your tongue, Sea Dog Apricot finishes clean crisp and fruity, and the aftertaste is sweet with apricot and stays on your tongue for a few seconds. You can say this is just a fruity apricot bomb, and there isn’t much else to this beer. Apricot aside this beer is slightly on the boring side but its most refreshing and easy drinking. I would give this a B. I like this, but this Sea Dog doesn’t blow me away, nor does it turn me off. I would have this again maybe I on tap, just to see how these types of beer taste on tap. Would I recommend this? Yes I would but not right away but close. Most fruit beer never really blow me away or wow me, some do but not a lot.  So go out and try this and see what you think. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!