Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Saranac Black & Tan

In a bar somewhere some time ago someone had the idea to take two beer styles, stout and lager and combine the two, they poured a lager into a glass followed by a stout, the stout would just stay on the top of the lager. But then a while later someone else deiced to brew and bottle it that way, and now we have what is called a Black and Tan. This is Saranac Black and Tan, 5.40% ABV.  This Saranac pour a light black color with a half of a finger of tan head that goes quick. I found very little light coming through the glass and not so much carbonation.  The aroma on Black and Tan is roasted coffee and a little and tiny amount of chocolate. I didn’t fine any lager or lager like scent due to the stronger roasted stout notes. The taste is not as full as you think, but still a nice amount of roasted coffee and a little chocolate, but on the end I found a little lager flavor with a little bitterness. The taste is smooth and surprisingly crisp. The mouth feel is lighter even though there is stout present. Black and Tan finishes nicely and little crisp with a nice after taste of roasted coffee and just a tiny hint of bitterness. Overall I would say this is easy to drink, something you could drink at least three. This doesn’t have a high ABV (5.40%) or overpowering flavors. I am giving this a B+. I found there to be a very tiny bit of bitterness on the end coming from lager here. But this is a easy drinking dark beer, I’d say it is even sessionable. I would recommend this and I would like to have this again but I am not dying to run out and by more as soon as possible. What a great beer from Saranac in New York. So go out and try this Saranac Black and Tan for yourself and see if this is what you like. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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