Friday, February 15, 2013

Boddington's Pub Ale

Some beers have a gimmick to them that is a bit off the wall, like rifling in the neck of the bottle a punch top for a smoother pour. Well some don’t really benefit drinker and very few do. This is Boddingtons Pub ale, 4.7% ABV and this is an English pale ale. The nifty thing about this one pint can is that inside there is a clear round like object that is filled with co2 which gives you a draught pour or as Boddingtons calls it Droughtflow system. So when you pour Boddingtons into a glass, it is like you were pouring it from a tap at the pub. Boddingtons has been around since 1778, and was first brewed at the Strangeways Brewery in Manchester England. Boddingtons only come is a pint and in four one pint packages. Boddingtons pours a semi deep gold color with a two and a half finger of thick, very bright white head that is like a snow blanket. The head never faded from my glass and left very nice lacing. I found decent amounts of light and very tiny, small carbonation bubbles, but I had to look very closely to find these bubbles. The aroma is creamy with a very fine hint of earth floral scents. But it was very big on the creaminess. There is also a faint piney scent. The taste on Boddingtons is a big creaminess with a very faint hop note that fades quickly. I found there to be a very small malt character hidden among the creamy taste. But there really aren’t any big amazing flavors to this beer. Everything is nice, mellow, and smooth. The mouth feel is light and smooth, and the beer finishes nicely. Boddingtons aftertaste is just as creamy but not for to long, as the aftertaste does fade a little quickly. This beer did not blow me away or wow me, but I did enjoy this. So I am giving this a B-. I found this beer to be a tiny bit on the dull/boring side of things but its overall taste is good. The co2 device inside does help the beer and make for a good creamy taste, not much hoppy earth notes on this pale ale, but like I said the creamy flavor makes up for that and turns this into one heck of a easy drinker. So would I have it again yes and would recommend this to most anyone. Please go out and try this and see what you think. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!      

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  1. I use to think that David Beckham was the cream of Manchester until I discovered Boddingtons. Boddington's is one of my all time favourite beers.