Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sea Dog Apricot

Well yet again I find that I have had and now reviewing yet another fruit beer, an apricot beer in particular. You can easily find fruit beer anywhere, they are fairly common and most found in the spring and summer seasons. This one in particular is Sea Dog Apricot (wheat ale) from Pugsley Brewing in Portland Maine, at 4.6% ABV.  I don’t know if this beer is a year round or a seasonal beer. This Sea Dog pours an orange/copper color with a quarter of a thin white head. I’ve found that most fruit beers like this lack any head, and they tend to fade rather quickly with no lacing, much like this one. I found tons of light coming through the glass on this with a good amount of carbonation there as well. The aroma on Sea Dog Apricot is big, fresh, and ripe apricot with a very tiny hint of light malt, but the malts are almost non-existent. But mostly you get big citrus/apricot aromas on this beer. The taste is pretty much what it says on the label, big sweet and ripe apricot and almost peach like, and you do get a little tingle from the carbonation bubbles. The mouth feel is light and fruity with a hint of bubbles on your tongue, Sea Dog Apricot finishes clean crisp and fruity, and the aftertaste is sweet with apricot and stays on your tongue for a few seconds. You can say this is just a fruity apricot bomb, and there isn’t much else to this beer. Apricot aside this beer is slightly on the boring side but its most refreshing and easy drinking. I would give this a B. I like this, but this Sea Dog doesn’t blow me away, nor does it turn me off. I would have this again maybe I on tap, just to see how these types of beer taste on tap. Would I recommend this? Yes I would but not right away but close. Most fruit beer never really blow me away or wow me, some do but not a lot.  So go out and try this and see what you think. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly! 

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