Friday, May 25, 2012

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

Well you should know what the 21st amendment is, its the end of prohibition. Yeah that's a great idea ending prohibition. I love it! But I am to young to remember it or even be alive. But anyway that is the name of this brewery, 21st Amendment. This, Hell or High Watermelon is a wheat beer fermented with watermelon concentrate, and added watermelon juice, 4.9abv. The 21st Amendment brewery only sells they're beer in cans, because they are easier to recycle. This is surprisingly good. Now this beer pour a hazy gold color with a fine white head and has wonderful bubbles. This watermelon wheat has a nice sweet wheat taste due to the watermelon. All that great watermelon flavor comes to your taste buds at the end of your sip. Very refreshing that watermelon. Goes very nicely on a warm/hot day. The aftertaste is very refreshing as well with a sweet ripe watermelon with a good fizzy bubble to go with it. I really like this one, it is a different take on a fruity wheat beer. Very well done. This Hell or High Watermelon makes me want to try they're other brews, and I will. This is good beer and I will have this again and again. I love this and you should too! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Runa Brown Ale

Well I can tell you that most brown ales are good, but now I must say that is not so true. This is Ales Agillons, brewed and bottled by Masia Agullons in Mediona Spain. This is a dark heavy brown ale 5%abv. Runa is a dark and ugly muddy brown almost black color with a tan/brown fluffy head. It has strange scents like a burnt wood and leaf that is just bad. This brown ale smells awful. But the taste does not get any better. It has a strong heavy taste of a non sweet bakers chocolate, but not the good kind. But after this ale hits your tongue you get a very small hint of a sweet roasted malt that is good for half a second, but then you'll find a big sour bitterness that will turn any beer lover off and not what to finish this Runa. The after taste is just as bitter but heavy and sits on your stomach like a big fat steak. I found this brown ale to be a big let down and I might even say this was somewhat gross, but when I think about it I have had worse (Four Calling Birds) but this is right up there though. Not one I would have again, no way, no how. Makes me wonder if the Spanish can make a brown ale at all. They are not known for brewing beer, but they do a find job with a lager and a pale ale, but this area of brewing need so much work. I am disappointed with this Runa brown ale. I thought it would have been at least okay, and it was far from that. No more of that please I want to keep lunch thank you. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Brooklyn Summer Ale

I am not a huge fan of the Brooklyn brewery and most of they're beers, but this Brooklyn Summer Ale (5.0% abv) is average and okay. Yeah I would say this summer ale could be better, and it's better then some summer beers out there. Now this ale pours a golden color with a big white head. Summer Ale has a hoppy grassy scent that is kind of good, and then there is a nicer bready scent. The scents of this ale are better then the taste, and on the taste you'll find a soft bready flavor with a slight hop bitterness. I don't mind those two flavors together, but to much of it tends to turn me off. The aftertaste is of a slight bitter hop but it's not massive or anything. The overall flavor in this Brooklyn summer is a soft bitter hop that I don't like much in a summer beer, but it's okay, yet somewhat drinkable and somewhat lightly crisp. But a little bit goes a long way. This is okay and not something I would regularly have or recommend. Yes it almost average and it just seems like it could be better than it is. This isn't my first choice for a summer beer, there are better summer brew out there, like Shiner Ruby Redbird, 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon. If you ask me on a scale of one to ten this is a four. Through all twelve ounces it's a four. This has room for improvement and I would really by this again right away, maybe some time I would, just a single bottle or two. Not my favorite here, no this is not what I look for in a good summer beer. I can't say this is good nor can I say it's bad. This Brooklyn is somewhat average with room for improvement, and should be improved upon. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vicaris General

Wow do I love Belgian beers and this from Brouweru Dillewyns is pretty damn good. The Dilleyns brewery is quite new, it was opened in 2011  by a 24-year-old Anne-Catherine Dillewyn and her father Vincent. This beer is a ture Belgian Abbey Double and is 8.8% abv. General has a nice creamy tan head that rises thick and pillowy above a deep mahogany beer. This Abbey ale as a very inviting look to it. The nose is good, it has sweet notes of roasted malts and delicate fruit. There is a nice sweet faint caramel scent as well. The body and taste of this is full rich, sweet with a fine hop bitterness at the finish. The aftertaste is of a nice sweet and roasted nut and a slight caramel candy. This Vicaris General has a look that is so good and the taste matches the it look perfectly. This beer is like James Bond, looks good acts very dashing, sauve, always says the right thing and wins. But its not the James Bond of beer no I'm sorry. But still this is a good new Belgian brew that I would love to try again and try other offering from the Dillewyns brewery. I highly recommend this beer to you! Cheers Please drink responsibly!  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Shiner Spring Ale Dortmunder Style

Well spring is in the air and time to taste the spring beers and Dortmunder style pale ale is a good srping time choice. Dortmunder style come from the industrial city of Dortmund German, and is also called Dortmunder export.This Dortmunder comes to use from Shiner. It this pours a nice deep gold color with a nice thin white head. Now that's common on most pale ales.Pale ales are slighly hoppier than regular ales with medium bitterness. When you smell this wonderful ale you get a nice grains and floral hop scent. You might get a sweet scent if you look hard enough, but it is very faint. This Shiner has a great smooth flavor filled with nice honey and an medium hop bitterness with hits of grain. You might say there is also a nice floral hop taste in this too. On the finish you  get that same medium hop bitterness that finishes crisp and clean with a nice very faint sweet honey. Shiner spring ale is very refreshing like a sun-drenched nap on a lush green lawn. I think is goes well a nice pork chop. I like this and after having a number of these it grows on you, and I started to like it better than when I finished my first. This is a good example of the Dortmunder pale ale. But pale ales aren't really my favorite style and I don't think the style is over the top incredibly good. The style of pale ales overall is a plain good. I like it and I like this Shiner. Cheers! Please Drink responsibly!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

I haven't had to many Sierra Nevada beers, but I did see this hefeweize, an unfiltered wheat, and though it would be good for a beer tasting on American wheat beer. This is an old mirobrewery in Chico, CA and soon they will have another brewery here in the Asheville North Carolina area soon. They have been brewing beer since the eighties,& probably&older than me. I really enjoyed this hazy brew, but I can say the same about most wheat beer. Wheat beer is one of my top favorite styles. Kellerweise pours a rich hazy-golden color with a nice bright foamy white heat. There is a nice spicy clove and banana scent that is nice and pleasant and just wonderful. About the same can be said for this ones taste, but there is a nice rip banana too. Yes there is a faint bit of wheat but you should know that if you've had wheat beer before. The finish is nice crisps a tiny bit spicy and good. This Hefe is one I'll try again very soon. A day or two after having this I still want more and couldn't stop think of it. It is just really good but simple at the same time. Really good work on Sierra Nevada's part. Well done! This is great with grilled sausages, a big juicy hamburger, or good chicken wings. This is also good on a hot day, when you want to relax and fell refreshed, cause this Sierra is most refreshing. I loved it! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!   

Friday, May 4, 2012

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Copper

This is my favorite brewery Old Mecklenburg Brewery, and this is one of my favorite beers that they brew, Copper amber ale. This is an authentic Dusseldorf-style Altbier. This is a "lagered ale". They use barly matl and noble Hallertau hops. Copper is 4.8% abv, and is a full-bodied, full-flavored yet amazingly smooth and refreshing. OMB Copper is a year round beer and it is they're flag ship brew. Cooper pours a nice rich amber color with thick whitish head. There is a nice scent of the malted barley and a light wisp of the Hallertau hops. Cooper as a nice clean ale taste that has a very very faint hop flavor there with nice malts. This is also clean and crisp, as is the finish of this wonderful brew. I believe that Old Mecklenburg does a really great job of brewing they're beers, and all the beer only come in a one pt, six fl oz bottles, which to me make the beer seem a little special. That's a nice touch. But you can get them is a six pack of the one pt, six fl oz bottles. That is a lot! Each sip of Copper is always better than the last until it's gone. But then you're happy that you just had one amazing beer and you want to go and tell everyone just home great OMB Copper really is. Well isn't that why I am righting this. I mean I just think that everyone should at least try Copper. You won't be sorry that you did. I never am. I love this stuff a lot. One of my favorites from my favorite brewer. Keep up the good work Old Mecklenburg Brewery! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!    

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blue Moon Belgian White

This here is a popular brew enjoyed by many. This is brewed in Denver Colorado in the Sandlot brewery, at the Colorado Rockies baseball park, Coors Field. Pretty cool especially on the seventh inning stretch! Blue moon is owned by the Brewing giant Millercoors, and now MolsenCoors. This is 5.5% abv. This Blue Moon is a dark orange color with a white head that fades fast. This beer is brewed with coriander and orange peels. You can really smell the orange peels and the wheat on this beer. This is one is one of my favorites, very good. Blue moon has a clean wheaty taste that is crisp and refreshing. There is a nice orange flavor there, but its not so strong and present. Good flavor, and drinkable. The finish is tasty  good crisp with a great wheat orangeness to it. This is like an old friend, can make you smile  and feel happy whenever your around it. Blue moon is especially good on a warm day had outside enjoying all that the Blue moons flavor has to offer. I think that Blue Moon really knows how to hand craft a great beer and everyone they make is just as good as the last. I would love to have one from the source sometime soon. So please try this old favorite and share with friends, family, and so fourth. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!  

Saranac White IPA

Well I am certainly enjoying the warm climate by having a beer out on my porch. I have just recently had this enjoyable brew, Saranac White IPA, 6% abv from the Matt Brewery. This is a blend of Belgian white ale and India Pale Ale, and they go together rather nicely. This is a darker, cloudy and yet hazy yellow with a very bight thick head, and yes there is a some sediment from the yest in the beer, but that is they way its made. This white IPA smells of strong hops, yeast and yet has a nice bitter scent. I was expecting the hops and the rest was a bit surprising, not bad though. Now when you get to the taste of this, it starts creamy and slight IPA bitter, but not overly hoppy bitter, that's cause the Belgian white takes some over the bitterness down a notch. Quite a good trick if ya ask me. Now the finish is good slightly hoppy bitter but clean and good. I like this but not my top pick, just overall good beer and yes I'd have this again. It is a different kind of beer. You could call this hybrid beer, but that's not right I think. I just call this one good and tell everyone about it. You should too! Cheer! Please drink responsibly!