Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

I haven't had to many Sierra Nevada beers, but I did see this hefeweize, an unfiltered wheat, and though it would be good for a beer tasting on American wheat beer. This is an old mirobrewery in Chico, CA and soon they will have another brewery here in the Asheville North Carolina area soon. They have been brewing beer since the eighties,& probably&older than me. I really enjoyed this hazy brew, but I can say the same about most wheat beer. Wheat beer is one of my top favorite styles. Kellerweise pours a rich hazy-golden color with a nice bright foamy white heat. There is a nice spicy clove and banana scent that is nice and pleasant and just wonderful. About the same can be said for this ones taste, but there is a nice rip banana too. Yes there is a faint bit of wheat but you should know that if you've had wheat beer before. The finish is nice crisps a tiny bit spicy and good. This Hefe is one I'll try again very soon. A day or two after having this I still want more and couldn't stop think of it. It is just really good but simple at the same time. Really good work on Sierra Nevada's part. Well done! This is great with grilled sausages, a big juicy hamburger, or good chicken wings. This is also good on a hot day, when you want to relax and fell refreshed, cause this Sierra is most refreshing. I loved it! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!   

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