Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Saranac White IPA

Well I am certainly enjoying the warm climate by having a beer out on my porch. I have just recently had this enjoyable brew, Saranac White IPA, 6% abv from the Matt Brewery. This is a blend of Belgian white ale and India Pale Ale, and they go together rather nicely. This is a darker, cloudy and yet hazy yellow with a very bight thick head, and yes there is a some sediment from the yest in the beer, but that is they way its made. This white IPA smells of strong hops, yeast and yet has a nice bitter scent. I was expecting the hops and the rest was a bit surprising, not bad though. Now when you get to the taste of this, it starts creamy and slight IPA bitter, but not overly hoppy bitter, that's cause the Belgian white takes some over the bitterness down a notch. Quite a good trick if ya ask me. Now the finish is good slightly hoppy bitter but clean and good. I like this but not my top pick, just overall good beer and yes I'd have this again. It is a different kind of beer. You could call this hybrid beer, but that's not right I think. I just call this one good and tell everyone about it. You should too! Cheer! Please drink responsibly!

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