Friday, May 25, 2012

Runa Brown Ale

Well I can tell you that most brown ales are good, but now I must say that is not so true. This is Ales Agillons, brewed and bottled by Masia Agullons in Mediona Spain. This is a dark heavy brown ale 5%abv. Runa is a dark and ugly muddy brown almost black color with a tan/brown fluffy head. It has strange scents like a burnt wood and leaf that is just bad. This brown ale smells awful. But the taste does not get any better. It has a strong heavy taste of a non sweet bakers chocolate, but not the good kind. But after this ale hits your tongue you get a very small hint of a sweet roasted malt that is good for half a second, but then you'll find a big sour bitterness that will turn any beer lover off and not what to finish this Runa. The after taste is just as bitter but heavy and sits on your stomach like a big fat steak. I found this brown ale to be a big let down and I might even say this was somewhat gross, but when I think about it I have had worse (Four Calling Birds) but this is right up there though. Not one I would have again, no way, no how. Makes me wonder if the Spanish can make a brown ale at all. They are not known for brewing beer, but they do a find job with a lager and a pale ale, but this area of brewing need so much work. I am disappointed with this Runa brown ale. I thought it would have been at least okay, and it was far from that. No more of that please I want to keep lunch thank you. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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