Friday, May 11, 2012

Shiner Spring Ale Dortmunder Style

Well spring is in the air and time to taste the spring beers and Dortmunder style pale ale is a good srping time choice. Dortmunder style come from the industrial city of Dortmund German, and is also called Dortmunder export.This Dortmunder comes to use from Shiner. It this pours a nice deep gold color with a nice thin white head. Now that's common on most pale ales.Pale ales are slighly hoppier than regular ales with medium bitterness. When you smell this wonderful ale you get a nice grains and floral hop scent. You might get a sweet scent if you look hard enough, but it is very faint. This Shiner has a great smooth flavor filled with nice honey and an medium hop bitterness with hits of grain. You might say there is also a nice floral hop taste in this too. On the finish you  get that same medium hop bitterness that finishes crisp and clean with a nice very faint sweet honey. Shiner spring ale is very refreshing like a sun-drenched nap on a lush green lawn. I think is goes well a nice pork chop. I like this and after having a number of these it grows on you, and I started to like it better than when I finished my first. This is a good example of the Dortmunder pale ale. But pale ales aren't really my favorite style and I don't think the style is over the top incredibly good. The style of pale ales overall is a plain good. I like it and I like this Shiner. Cheers! Please Drink responsibly!

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