Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock

Guten Tag wieder bierliebhabler! Yes you are right my brew lover,  this brew sounds familiar, I have touched briefly on this one in previous post. I also have talked about this brewery before (weizen-bock), and also when I disscused bock beer. So by this point you should already know what a dopplebock is, if not, then you are not paying attention very well and I am sorry for your poor attention skills. Celebrator is old word style Doppelbock. ATOR means it's a doppelbock, and I've said that before, keep up now. This double bock is a redish dark dark brown color with a thick brown beige head, that sticks like glue in the glass. This beer has a stonger taste than regular bock. Its creamy, sharp, and a little crisp. When you taste this doppelbock you get a malty carmel taste and slight toffee. The aftertaste is nearly the same, just not as bold. It's not as stong or heavy as you would think it would be, when you look at it in the glass. When you get this brew (only in packs of four) you get a little billy goat around the neck. I've heard. it's slighty good for an icebreaker when picking up a nice lady or maybe just making interesting conversation with others. I like this one alot and its better then some new world double bocks I've had. I would recommend you pick up some Celebrator and try it. Pass on the Billy goat to someone.  It's good. Prost! Please drink responsibly!

Friday, November 25, 2011


Well this beer was brought to me by my aunt when she came for Thanksgiving. She bought this because she thought the bottle looked so cool. It is. This is a beer from China, by the Cheerday brewery in Chunan county, zhejiang Province. This is a lager beer. This brew is 4.8% ABV.I know what your thinking its a novelity bottle therefor its no good. Well yeah I know that too, but thats wrong here with this beer. Its a slightly darkish yellow tint and with a fast fading white head. When you taste it you can faintly taste a sweetness that come on a little stronger as it goes down, and it goes down smooth. The after taste is sweet but not overly sweet. It's one step sweeter than the average lager would taste. I am not sure how hard this is to find, because I have never heard of this brand before. I like it, and I would have to research how and where to find this one again. I would buy it again. Yes its good, not great, but a solid good one. Try and find it, taste it and see if you like it too. Cheers! Please drink responsibly.

Shiner Holiday Cheer!

Happy holidays to all! Well I am sure we are all familar with Shiner beer and the Spoetzl brewery, if not then you must live under a rock. This Shiner brew is a Holiday/seasonal beer. It is a Bravarian-style dark wheat that is an old world style(dunkelweizn), but its brewed with Texas peaches and roasted pecans. Shiner enhances the malty flavors of this with the use of malted barley, wheat and Krausening. Krausening is adding activly fermenting beer. This is a dark almost brown in color with a brownish white lasting head. This Shiner is smooth with subtle peach and pecan taste. At first taste it's okay, slightly brown ale like, then it gets one step beyond okay. The after taste is of a creamy peach that comes from the roasted pecans. I sort of like this one. Its on step over okay. I wouldn't rush out and buy it again, but I might buy it again. I am not saying this is bad, but I am not saying its great either. It's just okay with me. I like Shiner beers alot, they are good. But this is almost up with the rest on my list of Shiners, but is slightly high on it, I'd have to say that the peaches in this beer make it better than you'd expect, and make it just okay. So have a great holiday time and may your days be merry and bright, and your beers be cold. Cheers! Please drink responsibly! 

Lupulo de hielo

I hope everyone had a great and wonderful Thanksgiving. I did! Well this brew is from a rare beer of the month club I received for my last birthday. This gift comes every three months via UPS, and arrives in 1pt 9.4fl oz bottles, but two different beers come together. Now one of the beers I received, Lupulo de hielo, brewed and bottled by Jolly Puimpkin Artisan Ales LLC, in Dexter Michigan. This beer is Oak aged and brewed with pumpkin, cacao & spices. Lupulo is aged in oak for a year. This is a hoppy sour blend. It pours a hazey orangey color. This brew is not what is seems when you see the label There is a little whitish head that is gone in seconds. On the first taste you get a very tiny sour taste that is immediately folowed by a lemony zest that has the tiniest sourness to it, but you really have to pay close attention to notice it. That nice lemon zest sticks on your palet till the next sip. I am not sure of the ABV percent but it does taste and feels like its strong, over 8 or 9 percent. This is a good one. Its hard to find due to the fact that is a rare brew. This is a pints for prostates beer, which means that a dollar from this brew goes to help prostates research, and awareness. Great! So enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving holiday! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A bock education

I am no history teacher or anything of the sort, but I think that learning something new and interesting can be exicting. I am going to give you a little lesson in a particular style of beer, bock beer. Bock means male goat (billy-goat) in German. This style originated in Einbeck, in lower Saxony. There was only one brewery there, Einbecker. Without Einbeck and the town of Einbecker there would be no bock beer, and thats how it became known as bock beer today. Bock is a beer style that is strong and dark, its drawn from the vats where the beer is made, in the spring months. But now its brewed year round. This style has many differnt sub styles; dopplebock (double bock), this is a bigger stronger bock usually darker than normal bock. Any bock that as ator at the end of it is usally a dopplebock, like Celebrator. Keep calm we'll cover that in the future, don't worry your beer brain about it. Hellesbock, Helles meaning bright, is a pale bock and is not as heavy or dark as normal bock or dopplebock Helles is aslo know as Helles lager style, and Helles has to do with the Helles malt. This is a light malt. There is an off shoot of hellesbock called Maibock (may-bock). This bock style is a special brewed Helles. Maibock is a seasonal bock brewed in May and other srping months. This bock is is pale like Helles but a bit spicier. As I posted before, another bock style is Weizen-bock, please see the previous blog post. Bock beer is a great syle of beer and has many wonderful sub styles as well. So what is your favorite bock beer and bock style? Please let me know! ( Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ayinger Weizen-Bock

Guten Tag bierliebhabler! This is an old world beer from the great beer land of Germany, Aying Germany, by Brauerei Aying. This brewery is older than the United States. WOW thats pretty old! This is two different styles of beers in one delicious brew, weizen (wheat beer) and bock beer. Bock beer is a stong lager, usually german in nature, and has a ram (male sheep/goat) associated with it, but I couldn't tell you why as of yet. This weizen-bock pours a cloudy/hazey darkish yellow color like most weizens. It has a big thick bright white head that seems like its never leaving. That is like most german wheat beers I have had. Please be patient while pouring this beauty. It's worth the wait, trust me people. This Ayinger has a big crisp Weizen taste with a little bock bite in the end and all the wheaty falovor stays with you for a massivly great after taste. MMM GOOD! Now I only found this Ayinger in a big 1 pint 0.9 oz bottle, no 12oz six packs. I don't know why Ayinger does not put out six packs of beer as far as I know, because they're Dopplebock, Celebrator (any beer with ATOR on the end is a Dopplebock) comes in a four pack. Awe but I want two more when I buy that and I'd like six weizen-bocks too. Well buy it anyway, it is such an awesome old world brew and praise it to all your friends and family. I love this one ALOT and you should too. If you every get to Gremany and have this one I'd soo love to hear about it and where that good time was had. Thank you! Prost! Please drink responsibly!

Harpoon Greatful Hearvest

I have not had much of the Harpoon Breweries beers. But this one, made with cranberries, sounds good, but doesn't taste as good as it sounds. It pours a dark ambery red color with a head that is thick and off white and fades fast, like my good feeling about it.. Its a 5.5% ABV beer. This Harpoon has a porter like taste that is on the sour side, but not as a heavy as a porter. The sourness stays with you followed by a medium cranberry taste that is slighty less sour. I wouldn't buy this one again. No I don't like it, and I am sorry if you do. But I wouldn't recommend this beer. But if you really want to try it, buy only ONE 12-oz bottle, not a whole 6pack. I do have this nice thing to say about it, they give a dollar from this brew to local food banks to help starving/needy people. Good for them. Maybe they should save they're dollars and spend that on researching how to make it taste better. I would make way it less sour porterish tasting. Harpoon says it goes great with Thanksgiving dinner, well maybe so, but I am skeptical about that. I was really looking foward to trying this one and I was let down, Darn it! Well ya can't win them all, so better luck next time. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lucky 13 for a good time!

Last year I took a wonderful trip to San Francisco with my family. Saw all the wonderful sights of the city. Rode a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge to Tiburon CA. Cool little town, Tiburon. But that Christmas befor, I was given the dive bar t-shirt of the month club as a gift. How cool! One of the bar tees I recieved was the Lucky 13, in San Francisco. So I said I wanted to go there while we were in S.F. It's not really a tourist type place. I'd call it a place for locals. This cool place is located at 2140 Market S. Inside its dark with lots of colorful designs painted on the walls. Its a long room, tall tables with a great long bar. The beer selection is really great. Lucky 13 is the only place I have been to that has Framboise on tap, in many flavors. They also have most Belgian beers on tap and a few that have not quite heard of but looked good. They also have the PBR and many SF and CA local beers too. The whole vibe felt a little rockabilly to me, but it was cool. This a dive but a cool dive. There were even a few dogs inside relaxing. I talked to one of the bar tenders there and he was very kind, even gave me a handful of Lucky 13 logo stickers. I recommend this place if your ever thirsty in San Francisco. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pyramid Apricot Ale

During the summer I came across a wheat ale with brewed with a fruit that I have never eaten, apricot. This is an unfiltered wheat ale from Pyrmid Breweries. This is a cloudy hazey wheat ale. The Pyramid Breweries are up the west coast, Seattle WA, Portland OR, and Berkeley CA. This is the only offering from pyramid I have tried so far. This wheat ale pores a hazey cloudy orange color, with a white creamy head that fades at an average speed. First you taste that wheaty flavor followed by a strong sweet apricot taste that sticks in your mouth with a really sweet fruity candy like after taste. By this point you should be saying "mmm thats good, real good!" This is not a heavy beer, but its not light, its kind of on the ligher side, but its really refreashing. This is good on a hot summers day, after yard work and such. Its also good with grilled sausages, hotdogs, hamburgers, or just by itself. Apricot Ale is a great way to get your girlfriend, female friend and/or wife deeper into the world of beer. Some women like fruity alcoholic beverages. This is will wake up your sweet side of your taste buds and cause them to yell "we want more!" Pyramid Apricot Ale is really becoming one of my favorites, Will it become yours? So pick some up! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good for a taste, bad for a lesson in beer brewing

Last year I went to New Orleans with my family, that was alot of fun. We went across Lake Ponchatrain to Abita Springs LA. There I went to the Abita brewpub, good food great tasty beer. I had Turbodog. Its a good brown ale. But I think that Big Boss Bad Penny brown ale is a little better, and Newcastle Brown is my favorite so far. Hey I saw the nerds on CBS' Big Bang Theory drinking it. Anyway, after lunch we drove a little ways in to Abita Spring to the Abita Brewery. Its a great looking building and nice inside. I wish I could say the same about the brewery tour. Abita makes great beer, not a great tour. The tour last all of eleven minutes. So I'd say a waste of time? Kind of, but wait, its good if you careless about how its brewed. Abita gives you free samples of they're brews in an Abita plastic cup. (keep it for a memory) AWESOME!! So if you love to drink Abita beer then go for the tour and free samples. If you looking for a good brewery tour stay home. But if you want a better brewery tour with good beer then ask me about Diamond Bear Brewering Company. ( Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Abita Brewing Company Pecan Harvest Ale

If you are not familiar with Abita beer then please do so now. Every season of the year Abita brews a different harvest beer. One for each season spring, summer, fall, and winter. This particular seasonal harvest ale (fall season) is brewed with pale, Munich biscuit and caramel malts and Willamette hops. Real Louisiana roasted pecans are added in the brewhouse. The Abita brewery uses natural spring water from the Abita Springs. This ale has ABV (alcohol by volume) of 5%. This harvest ale pours a nice orangey amber color. The clean white head fades away quick. This Abita has a nice aroma of fresh pecans with a slight caramel scent. On the first taste, you get a nutty flavor followed by a buttery creamy taste. Aftertaste you'll find it to be creamy and rich almost binging your grandmother's nutty-sweet pecan pie to your mind and a smile. It has a smooth aftertaste,  Its good! I love this one, it grew on me and I will buy it again. Abita does a great job with a lot of its beers, I can't say the same for their brewery tour. That's a topic for another post. So grab one now before its gone and share with family friends, and loved ones! Cheers! Please Drink Responsibly!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


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