Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lucky 13 for a good time!

Last year I took a wonderful trip to San Francisco with my family. Saw all the wonderful sights of the city. Rode a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge to Tiburon CA. Cool little town, Tiburon. But that Christmas befor, I was given the dive bar t-shirt of the month club as a gift. How cool! One of the bar tees I recieved was the Lucky 13, in San Francisco. So I said I wanted to go there while we were in S.F. It's not really a tourist type place. I'd call it a place for locals. This cool place is located at 2140 Market S. Inside its dark with lots of colorful designs painted on the walls. Its a long room, tall tables with a great long bar. The beer selection is really great. Lucky 13 is the only place I have been to that has Framboise on tap, in many flavors. They also have most Belgian beers on tap and a few that have not quite heard of but looked good. They also have the PBR and many SF and CA local beers too. The whole vibe felt a little rockabilly to me, but it was cool. This a dive but a cool dive. There were even a few dogs inside relaxing. I talked to one of the bar tenders there and he was very kind, even gave me a handful of Lucky 13 logo stickers. I recommend this place if your ever thirsty in San Francisco. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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