Friday, November 25, 2011

Lupulo de hielo

I hope everyone had a great and wonderful Thanksgiving. I did! Well this brew is from a rare beer of the month club I received for my last birthday. This gift comes every three months via UPS, and arrives in 1pt 9.4fl oz bottles, but two different beers come together. Now one of the beers I received, Lupulo de hielo, brewed and bottled by Jolly Puimpkin Artisan Ales LLC, in Dexter Michigan. This beer is Oak aged and brewed with pumpkin, cacao & spices. Lupulo is aged in oak for a year. This is a hoppy sour blend. It pours a hazey orangey color. This brew is not what is seems when you see the label There is a little whitish head that is gone in seconds. On the first taste you get a very tiny sour taste that is immediately folowed by a lemony zest that has the tiniest sourness to it, but you really have to pay close attention to notice it. That nice lemon zest sticks on your palet till the next sip. I am not sure of the ABV percent but it does taste and feels like its strong, over 8 or 9 percent. This is a good one. Its hard to find due to the fact that is a rare brew. This is a pints for prostates beer, which means that a dollar from this brew goes to help prostates research, and awareness. Great! So enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving holiday! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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