Saturday, November 19, 2011

A bock education

I am no history teacher or anything of the sort, but I think that learning something new and interesting can be exicting. I am going to give you a little lesson in a particular style of beer, bock beer. Bock means male goat (billy-goat) in German. This style originated in Einbeck, in lower Saxony. There was only one brewery there, Einbecker. Without Einbeck and the town of Einbecker there would be no bock beer, and thats how it became known as bock beer today. Bock is a beer style that is strong and dark, its drawn from the vats where the beer is made, in the spring months. But now its brewed year round. This style has many differnt sub styles; dopplebock (double bock), this is a bigger stronger bock usually darker than normal bock. Any bock that as ator at the end of it is usally a dopplebock, like Celebrator. Keep calm we'll cover that in the future, don't worry your beer brain about it. Hellesbock, Helles meaning bright, is a pale bock and is not as heavy or dark as normal bock or dopplebock Helles is aslo know as Helles lager style, and Helles has to do with the Helles malt. This is a light malt. There is an off shoot of hellesbock called Maibock (may-bock). This bock style is a special brewed Helles. Maibock is a seasonal bock brewed in May and other srping months. This bock is is pale like Helles but a bit spicier. As I posted before, another bock style is Weizen-bock, please see the previous blog post. Bock beer is a great syle of beer and has many wonderful sub styles as well. So what is your favorite bock beer and bock style? Please let me know! ( Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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