Monday, August 29, 2016

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Mecklenburger Helles Lager

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, one of the oldest in Charlotte, has brought back a beer that they once brewed in their earlier day. This Mecklenburger Helles Larger, 4.9% ABV, is brewing brewed again. The word Helles mean bright, light, or pale in German. Mecklenburger pour a bright pale yellow golden color with a one and a half snow white head that fizzy away rather quick in to small lacing. The aroma is crisp and clean with the faintest hop note and a slightly malted note. Mecklenburger has a refreshingly crisp taste that will take the heat out of a summer day with light malt noted and very faint hop flavor. This beer is very easy drinking. The mouth feel is light and crisp, with a smooth finish that leads up to an after taste that is semi-sweet and cracker like. The flavors on this Helles Lager aren’t so bold, but they are good. I say this is an A. Mecklenburger is one that you can sit for a few hours and have many. Watch you favorite sport with a few mecklenburgers or call your friends have a party with a case of Mecklenburger. It’s even good after yard work. I highly recommend drink The Olde Mecklenburg Mecklenburger Helles Lager. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Foothills Brewing Co. Hop of the Month Mt. Hood American Pale Ale

It’s here again Foothills Brewing Co. Hop of the Month Mt. Hood American Pale Ale, 5.9% ABV and 42 IBUs. Mt. Hood named after the famous Oregon Volcano, it is a German Hallertau descendant bred in the early 80’s, and is used primarily as an aroma hop. Mt. Hood pours a deep orange color with some light orange edges and a three finger pillowy bright white head that never seem to fade, but when it does it leave behind nice decent lacing. The aroma is fragrant with sweet piney notes and very faint semi fruity notes. Taste is pleasing on the tongue with subtle sweet notes and light piney flavors mixed with mild spice and herbal notes, which taste floral. The mouth feel is medium with a smooth but bitter finish that end in a nice sweet pine bitter after taste. This Mt. Hood American Pale Ale is easy to drink and rather refreshing, and it’s an A+. Foothills is amazing with the series of beer. Hop of the month continues to be excellent. I highly recommend that you try this and everyone in the Hop of the Month series. I love them all. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Innis & Gunn Original Oak Aged Beer

Here we have an import beer from Scotland, Innis & Gunn Original Oak Aged Beer, 6.6% ABV. This beer is aged in an oak barrel for seventy-seven day before bottling. This Innis & Gunn pours a caramel color with a one finger white fizzy head that fade kind of quickly. The aroma is sweet with hints a light vanilla and caramel with a faint toasted oak note. Original Innis & Gunn does have a sweet start to the taste, with a slight vanilla and some caramel notes then you get a bit of toffee in the middle with the oaky flavor towards the end. The finish is smooth yet semi-sweet with a nice lingering after taste of vanilla toffee. Not a bad oak aged beer; I give this one a B+. You can really taste how the aging really smoothed out the beer, usually this Scottish style is a bit harsher but this one isn’t, it's mellow and smooth with a nice subtle sweetness. I recommend trying Innis & Gunn Original Oak Aged Beer. It's a nice beer. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!   

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rogue Ales 7 Hop IPA

Well I am back to another Rogue Ales beer. This one is 7 Hope IPA, 7.77% ABV brewed with seven Rogue Farms hop varieties, such as Liberty, Newport, Revolution, Rebel, Independence, Freedom, and Alluvial Hops. This beer comes from Brewpublik ( 7 Hop IPA pours a real deep and dark orange color that is close to a dark amber with a beige three finger head that fades somewhat slowly into some little lacing. The aroma is bitter with pine and earthy notes along with dank resin notes. Taste is quit hoppy but not to in your face though. There are plenty of earth bitter notes in with some faint bitter grapefruit and piney flavors. This wouldn’t be a beer I would have all night or many of. Too much bitter flavors here on this one. The mouth feel is fuller with a bitter earthy finish. The after taste is bitter but fades after a real short while. I give this a B-. Just a tiny bit to bitter for my liking but overall wasn’t bad. I like more of a fruiter IPA than an earthy IPA. But as I just said this wasn’t bad. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

Berliner kindl Jubiläums Pilsner

When you think of German you usually think of beer, well great beer in my opinion. I think it is one of the top countries in the world for beer. They brew some of the best beers in the world. I have here Berliner Kindl Jubiläums Pilsner 5.1% ABV. This comes to me from one of German exchange brothers Ben. Thank you! Berliner Kindl has beer brewing since 1872. Jubiläums Pilsner pours a straw yellow clear color with a one and half finger head that quickly fizzes away leaving some thin lacing behind. Aroma is much like a standard pilsner with biscuit and slight cracker notes. Flavor is crisp and easy with a slight biscuit flavor with hints of plan crackers and a refreshing crisp quality to it. The mouth feel is light and refreshing. Jubiläums Pilsner finishes clean and crisp with a refreshing light gain after taste. This is solid yet average pilsner. I give this one an A+, and I highly recommend drink this one. You can have many of these, it is easy to drink and so good. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Rogue Ales American Amber Ale

Rogue Ales are probably one of the more common craft beers that you will find. One of there beers American Amber Ale, 5.3% ABV is one that is easy to find. American Amber Ale pours; you guessed it, an amber color with darker edges and a two finger light beige head that dissipates at a nice steady pace. The aroma is pleasantly malty with a bit of sweetness on the nose that isn’t overly sweet at all. Tasty too with nice malted characteristics to it and a nice little sweetness on the back that really brings this beer together nicely. There is a bit of a very faint bitterness that darts quickly on to you taste buds and is quickly gone. The mouth feel is medium. American Amber Ale finishes nicely with some smoothness and has a slight sweet malty after tastes that with make you take another swig. This is gets an A. This isn’t a boldly flavored beer, but it has enough flavors to make it enjoyable. The flavor is just right for you to have a few of these. I do recommend trying Rogue Ale American Amber Ale.  Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!