Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Rogue Ales 7 Hop IPA

Well I am back to another Rogue Ales beer. This one is 7 Hope IPA, 7.77% ABV brewed with seven Rogue Farms hop varieties, such as Liberty, Newport, Revolution, Rebel, Independence, Freedom, and Alluvial Hops. This beer comes from Brewpublik ( 7 Hop IPA pours a real deep and dark orange color that is close to a dark amber with a beige three finger head that fades somewhat slowly into some little lacing. The aroma is bitter with pine and earthy notes along with dank resin notes. Taste is quit hoppy but not to in your face though. There are plenty of earth bitter notes in with some faint bitter grapefruit and piney flavors. This wouldn’t be a beer I would have all night or many of. Too much bitter flavors here on this one. The mouth feel is fuller with a bitter earthy finish. The after taste is bitter but fades after a real short while. I give this a B-. Just a tiny bit to bitter for my liking but overall wasn’t bad. I like more of a fruiter IPA than an earthy IPA. But as I just said this wasn’t bad. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

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