Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wieselburger Bier Gold

My love of beer has led me to many wonderful beers and style on that some times get over looked is lagers. Some beer geeks say that lager is a dirty word. But I think that some average national domestic lagers aren’t the best but some foreign and/or imported lagers are much better. Here is on from Austria, another Wiesleburger Bier and this is their Gold a Euro pale lager, 5.0% abv. This pale lager pours a bright golden straw color not unlike must US lager. There is about a half a finger thin white head that doesn’t stay to long no does it fade to fast. I saw a big amount of bubbles from the bottom of the glass with plenty of light coming through. I could see right through the beer. The aroma on this Gold was of light malt and straw, with a very tiny metallic scent but I was really looking hard. The aroma is similar to a Pabst Blue Ribbon but better. The taste is of light straw, light malts and a faint biscuit flavor. The mouth feel on this Gold is very light, crisp and very refreshing. This beer finish clean and crisp, with a nice refreshing bubble on your tongue. The aftertaste is light malts, but does fade quickly leaving a small metallic taste in the back of your mouth. This beer is very sessionable, both in taste and in the abv%. You could drink this all day during a hot summers day. I’m giving this an A. A very well crafted lager here. I would recommend this to every beer drinker. This isn’t overly complex in any way shape or form. I loved it. This could be your everyday beer. I would say so! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Wieselburger Bier Stammbrāu

Well here is yet another beer from my wonderful Austrian Christmas gift, another Austrian beer. This one is Wieselburger Bier Stammbrāu, 5.4% ABV a pale Euro lager. The Wieselburger brewery has been around, and in business since 1770. This Austrian beer comes with a neat swivel top. This pale lager pours a medium golden color with a finger and a half white head that fades at a medium speed and leaves behind a small and thin lacing. This Wieselburger has a good amount of light coming through the glass with nice tiny carbonation bubbles. The aroma has that common Euro lager scent, a musky grainy aroma with a hint of a biscuit like smell. The taste is much better than the aroma; there is semi-sweetness to it with that hint of a grainy biscuit. This is better than the more common Euro lager you find. There is a small metallic taste on the end but doesn’t stick around. The mouth feel is light with a nice fizzle of carbonation on you tongue. The finish is somewhat bubbly, clean, and crisp. Wieselburger has an aftertaste that fades kind of quick with a fading biscuit quality. This is a good everyday beer, so getting an A- from me. There's nothing wrong with this one at all. This is just a plain everyday good drinking beer. I do recommend this if you’re in the market for an everyday beer, and the swivel top is a cool conversation starter. It does get points for that. So go out and try this one, you might like it. Happy New Year! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gösser Zwickl Naturtrüb

I hope everyone is having a warm, wonderful, and happy holidays. I know I am, I love this time of year. Well I know it’s been a little while since my last post but here is yet another beer. This beer, Gösser Zwickl naturtrüb, 5.2% ABV is Austrian beer, a Keller beer or Golden Lager. I got this as a Christmas gift from Austria with three other beers. This beer is a common beer in Austria, and found in the US, imported in by Heineken. This Gösser pours a light to medium orange/deep gold color with a nice two and a half creamy, bright white foamy head. The head does stick around with nice big bubbly lacing.  I did see some light coming through the glass with a nice amount of little carbonation bubbles. The aroma on this Gösser Keller beer is citrusy, a little like a lemon, but not like a wit beer. There is a very faint lemon peal there with a very small hop note on the end. This beer smells a lot like a summer day, just bight and refreshing. The taste is nice crisp with a light lemon flavor, but not over powering in any way. It has a nice hit of it to make it refreshing. I also found there to be a very tiny hop taste/bitterness on the end but it also taste like lemon bitterness. The mouth feel on the Gösser is light, crisp and refreshing, and the aftertaste is just as good, with that citrusy lemon/lemon peal. The taste does stick around in your mouth for a bit, and there is a small stickiness in the after taste as well. Well I am giving this an A+. This is just a very tasty and delicious beer. I means simple but just so well crafted with a great balance of all its wonderful flavors.  This is ten times better than any American lager I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat, no matter what they're taste in beer might be. Please go and try this if you have not, it’s so worth a try, and you will not be disappointed. Happy New Year! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

One of the most common styles of beer found in your local store is probably a lager. This is Samuel Adams Boston Lager, 4.90% ABV. This is a Vienna lager, which originated in Vienna Austria This is somewhat similar to a German lager. Boston Lager pours a light amber orange color with half a finger thin white head that fades rather quickly. There is a good amount of light coming through the glass and tiny carbonation bubble streaming quickly off the bottom of the mug. The aroma on the Boston Lager is rich and malty with a lighter biscuit or breaded scent. The taste on this Boston Lager is slightly malty, bready and has a nice touch of a grainy biscuit taste, and a faint metallic taste. The mouth feel is light with a nice hint of carbonation on your tongue. This beer has a clean finish and a nice slight malted aftertaste, but there is a faint metallic taste present. This beer does sit a bit heavier with you that some lagers do, and even some Vienna Lagers might. But this is a good B beer. Much better than I was expecting it to be for never having tried this. This lager is a bit on the heavy side, but not over doing it. I do recommend this; it’s a good one. So please come down to Mike’s Discount Beverage’s, 4700 Park Rd., Charlotte NC 28207 for a six pack of this Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Cheers and Happy Holidays! Please Enjoy responsibly!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Peterus Oud Bruin

Well here is yet another Belgian beer, this one is Peterus Oud Bruin, 5.5% ABV. This style is Flemish style old ale top-fermented and aged in oak casks for twenty months. Oud Bruin has been called the Sherry of beers. This Peterus is a Bavik product. Peterus Oud Bruin pours dark reddish brown with a thin tan one-finger head that dissipates at a medium speed. It then turns into somewhat good lacing on the glass. I found no light coming through or carbonation in or on the glass. The aroma of this Peterus is a dark plum fruits with a hint of candy sugar, and a hint of oak wood. The taste is a light dark oaky fruit with a light malty hit. But as the beer warms a slight vanilla starts to emerge with a hint of candy like sugar, with a very light alcoholic burn. The mouth feel is light as the beer is easy to drink. The finish is nice and slightly oaky, and the after taste is like light liquor with a hint of malted sugar but only just a little. This beer sounded like it was going to be more complex that it was but still good, so this is a B- beer. They’re nothing really wrong with it. This was just not what I was really expecting it to be. I would kind of recommend this and would I would have this again. This was a nice beer, easy drinking and just different enough to enjoy. So remember to come on over to Mike’s Discount Beverages, 4700 Park Rd., Charlotte NC 28207, and pick up a few Peterus Oud Bruin. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!