Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Piraat Ale

The last few days I’ve been on a Belgian beer fix, and here is another one. This one is Piraat ale, 10.5% ABV. This is a true Belgian IPA. The world-class brewery Van Steenberge brews this ale. Piraat (pirate) ale pours a deep orange color with a huge four to five finger head of brilliant white foamy head. The head looks like whipped cream. The head stays along time, till you find the bottom or your glass, and has some huge whipped lacing along the sides.  There is a good amount of carbonation on this with little to no light coming through the glass. This is really handsome looking ale. The aroma on Piraat is piney, citrusy, and hoppy. There is a nice lemony, orange pineapple aroma that is wrapped in a hoppy note. The taste is citrus fruits, like pineapple orange with a nice slight pepper taste. There is a nice hoppy not, but not like an American IPA, which can be more on the bitter side. This has a little less of a bitter flavor, and more of a hoppy fruitiness to it. The mouth feel is light to medium and goes down smooth with just the right amount of hops. The aftertaste is hoppy with fruits, pineapple and orange with a hit of a pepper like spice. This is just a wonderful Belgian IPA, so this is getting A+ from me. This isn’t way overdone with hops and bitterness, it is well balanced and very tasty, but at 10.5% ABV, not many can be had in once sitting. Great to have on to sip on and really enjoy all the big Belgian IPA flavors Piraat has to offer. So please come and see the nice folks down at Mike’s Discount Beverage, 4700 Park Rd, Charlotte NC 28207, for this and all your fine wine and beer! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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