Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Peterus Oud Bruin

Well here is yet another Belgian beer, this one is Peterus Oud Bruin, 5.5% ABV. This style is Flemish style old ale top-fermented and aged in oak casks for twenty months. Oud Bruin has been called the Sherry of beers. This Peterus is a Bavik product. Peterus Oud Bruin pours dark reddish brown with a thin tan one-finger head that dissipates at a medium speed. It then turns into somewhat good lacing on the glass. I found no light coming through or carbonation in or on the glass. The aroma of this Peterus is a dark plum fruits with a hint of candy sugar, and a hint of oak wood. The taste is a light dark oaky fruit with a light malty hit. But as the beer warms a slight vanilla starts to emerge with a hint of candy like sugar, with a very light alcoholic burn. The mouth feel is light as the beer is easy to drink. The finish is nice and slightly oaky, and the after taste is like light liquor with a hint of malted sugar but only just a little. This beer sounded like it was going to be more complex that it was but still good, so this is a B- beer. They’re nothing really wrong with it. This was just not what I was really expecting it to be. I would kind of recommend this and would I would have this again. This was a nice beer, easy drinking and just different enough to enjoy. So remember to come on over to Mike’s Discount Beverages, 4700 Park Rd., Charlotte NC 28207, and pick up a few Peterus Oud Bruin. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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