Friday, December 28, 2012

Wieselburger Bier Stammbrāu

Well here is yet another beer from my wonderful Austrian Christmas gift, another Austrian beer. This one is Wieselburger Bier Stammbrāu, 5.4% ABV a pale Euro lager. The Wieselburger brewery has been around, and in business since 1770. This Austrian beer comes with a neat swivel top. This pale lager pours a medium golden color with a finger and a half white head that fades at a medium speed and leaves behind a small and thin lacing. This Wieselburger has a good amount of light coming through the glass with nice tiny carbonation bubbles. The aroma has that common Euro lager scent, a musky grainy aroma with a hint of a biscuit like smell. The taste is much better than the aroma; there is semi-sweetness to it with that hint of a grainy biscuit. This is better than the more common Euro lager you find. There is a small metallic taste on the end but doesn’t stick around. The mouth feel is light with a nice fizzle of carbonation on you tongue. The finish is somewhat bubbly, clean, and crisp. Wieselburger has an aftertaste that fades kind of quick with a fading biscuit quality. This is a good everyday beer, so getting an A- from me. There's nothing wrong with this one at all. This is just a plain everyday good drinking beer. I do recommend this if you’re in the market for an everyday beer, and the swivel top is a cool conversation starter. It does get points for that. So go out and try this one, you might like it. Happy New Year! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!


  1. Sounds great. It's not to "hoppy" tasting is it?

  2. No not at all. It's a lager style beer. It's not bitter at all. Very tasty!