Saturday, December 15, 2012

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

One of the most common styles of beer found in your local store is probably a lager. This is Samuel Adams Boston Lager, 4.90% ABV. This is a Vienna lager, which originated in Vienna Austria This is somewhat similar to a German lager. Boston Lager pours a light amber orange color with half a finger thin white head that fades rather quickly. There is a good amount of light coming through the glass and tiny carbonation bubble streaming quickly off the bottom of the mug. The aroma on the Boston Lager is rich and malty with a lighter biscuit or breaded scent. The taste on this Boston Lager is slightly malty, bready and has a nice touch of a grainy biscuit taste, and a faint metallic taste. The mouth feel is light with a nice hint of carbonation on your tongue. This beer has a clean finish and a nice slight malted aftertaste, but there is a faint metallic taste present. This beer does sit a bit heavier with you that some lagers do, and even some Vienna Lagers might. But this is a good B beer. Much better than I was expecting it to be for never having tried this. This lager is a bit on the heavy side, but not over doing it. I do recommend this; it’s a good one. So please come down to Mike’s Discount Beverage’s, 4700 Park Rd., Charlotte NC 28207 for a six pack of this Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Cheers and Happy Holidays! Please Enjoy responsibly!

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  1. Named after the city in which it orginated, a traditional Vienna lager is brewed using a three step decoction boiling process. Munich, Pilsner, Vienna toasted and dextrin malts are used, as well wheat in some cases. Subtle hops, crisp, with residual sweetness.

    Although German in origin and rare these days, some classic examples come from Mexico, such as: Dos Equis and Negra Modelo. A result of late 19th century immigrant brewers from Austria.