Monday, December 10, 2012

St. Martin Triple

One country that’s known for great beer and a big history of brewing is Belgium, and they do brew some of the best beer in the world. I love them all, one of my favorite beer countries. This is St, Martin Tripel (triple), 9.0% ABV. This is an abbey beer, but not a real Trappist monk beer. This beer pours a dark murky, cloudy orange color with a white head that slowly fades into a big white ring around the glass, and does leave some nice lacing. There is a tiny amount of carbonation on this with very little light coming through the glass. There is also sediment on the bottom of the glass because most good Belgian doubles, triples and quadruples are bottle conditioned. So that yeast at the bottom is normal. The aroma on the St. Martin is slightly fruit with apples surrounded by big intense spicy peppery and clove notes.  There is a slight alcohol sent too but just barely there. The taste is big and bold with peppery spice and cloves all with nice light green fruits like green apples and slight green grapes. There is a light carbonation on the medium mouth feel, and this does have a slight alcoholic warming on the clove like finish. The aftertaste is a bit boozy but other wise nice strong and somewhat refreshing. This is very good, so I am giving this an A+. I mean for 9% ABV you don’t really great that, this does drink well for what it is. I do recommend this if you into strong beer, or just any Belgian beers. You will not be disappointed. So please come down to Mike’s Discount Beverages and pick this one up today, and see us for all your fine wine and beer! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

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  1. The St Martin Triple is a light carbonation on the medium mouth feel beer used heavily by local people of Australia.
    I am also fan of its taste.

    Australian Brewery