Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock

Guten Tag wieder bierliebhabler! Yes you are right my brew lover,  this brew sounds familiar, I have touched briefly on this one in previous post. I also have talked about this brewery before (weizen-bock), and also when I disscused bock beer. So by this point you should already know what a dopplebock is, if not, then you are not paying attention very well and I am sorry for your poor attention skills. Celebrator is old word style Doppelbock. ATOR means it's a doppelbock, and I've said that before, keep up now. This double bock is a redish dark dark brown color with a thick brown beige head, that sticks like glue in the glass. This beer has a stonger taste than regular bock. Its creamy, sharp, and a little crisp. When you taste this doppelbock you get a malty carmel taste and slight toffee. The aftertaste is nearly the same, just not as bold. It's not as stong or heavy as you would think it would be, when you look at it in the glass. When you get this brew (only in packs of four) you get a little billy goat around the neck. I've heard. it's slighty good for an icebreaker when picking up a nice lady or maybe just making interesting conversation with others. I like this one alot and its better then some new world double bocks I've had. I would recommend you pick up some Celebrator and try it. Pass on the Billy goat to someone.  It's good. Prost! Please drink responsibly!

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