Friday, December 2, 2011

Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug

Howdy! Another beer review here on this cold day in December. Well this is another beer from Texas brought to me from Aunt over Thanksgiving. This brewery is down in east Texas, Fort Worth. This is a schwarzbier, black beer, or black lager. I've not had black lager before, at least I don't think I have. The Ugly Pug story goes like this, Fritz Rahr once saw Oscar, his mother-in-law's dog and shouted, "What an ugly pug!" I don't know how that relates to a beer but maybe Fritz has his reason for name his black lager that. Ugly Pug pours a nice black color, like it says on the bottle. If you don't know that then I suggest you ask for help. It has a simi-thick white foamy yet creamy head. It looks interesting at this point, so now you sip. When you first partake of this you get a light mouth feel of very faint coffee and a very light taste of malted caramel. When the aftertaste hits you get a tiny little sour bite of a caramel candy. This is not heavy like a stout or porter. It's a lager beer therefore it is lighter. You should know that. Remember that from now on, that will be helpful when buying beer. This one is good. I don't know much about Rahr & Sons. But I am finding more info about it. I would like to buy this again. I thought is was good, not a WOW GREAT, but a solid good, a buy it again good, tell few of my friends kind of good. You to should try this one. Keep your eyes and ears open to the news here in N.C. about the changes comming regaurding the brewing laws. It will be SO AWESOME!! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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