Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Carolina Strawberry Ale

Yeah I know what you see is a summer beer and yes it is winter, well it sure feels like spring. But this, Carolina Strawberry Ale, is a blonde/amber ale brewed with fresh strawberries. It is 4.6% ABV and It sure smells like tart sweet strawberries. This fruity brew is a nice dark/dirty blonde almost orange color with no head, that is because it is such a light tasting beer. Its head is gone in two seconds. This beer has an overly sweet strawberry taste, in fact it so sweet it might as well be a fizzy strawberry soda. I can't really taste the beer ingredients such as the yeast, hops, barly, ect. There is way to much sweet strawberry flavor here. But this brew is crisp and drinkable. The aftertaste is yep you guessed it sweet and tart strawberry. No surprises there. This beer is sweet and boring. I am not saying its bad, just boring and overly sweet, not enough of beer and other non-sweet flavors to this one. I have one left and I would not mind giving it away to someone. What you want to try it!? Well go for it mr. boring beer! But if you like Strawberry beer, then I suggest you try Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager, that is much better and less boring than this brew here. Well now I want an Abita Strawberry Harvest. Well I will when it gets spring time I will, and that blog post will follow. Please join this site to comment, by creating a Google account! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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