Friday, December 9, 2011

Abita Christmas Ale

Happy holidays and a Merry Christmas to all! This is another Christmas Ale. This one is an Abita seasonal ale. I bet you know what season this is for! This is is slighly heavier brew that is dark red amber brown with a thick beige head. This one is not out to be a big one of a kind speciality beer or something of that nature, is not a christmas ale. Nothing more nothing less. I like most Abita beers so far. I think they are good some are great. It smells spicy and bready. This one is a bit like Abita Pecan Ale on the frist taste then it has that spicy bite in the end. The after taste is a big creamy spice that is faint but you know its there. After the drinking one of these Abitas it not as good as you though, but as you drink more of these, if its right after or next week, this one grows on you. I like better now then when I first had one. Its good now. Its almost up there with my favorite abitas. I might by this again. I like it. Buts not a oh thats so good, but its good. Abita gets a B- on this one. If your into Christmas Ale, maybe you should try this one. You might like it. I hope it grows on you too. Well Merry Christmas to you beer lovers. May all you beery dreams come true and have a safe one this christmas. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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