Friday, December 9, 2011

Stone Levitation Ale

Now here is a beer with a sort of mascot, the gargoyle. The Stone brewery in north county San Diego, is known for brewering strong hoppy beers. Some are way hoppier and stronger than others. Levitation isn't so strong, it's only 4.4% abv. But yes it's very hoppy and sour. I know that this isn't starting out good here, but it is good trust me. It pours a dark red with a hazey thin head. You can really smell the hops in this one, along with sharp scent of a grass. Levitation has a sharp sour hop taste that is more of a good sour than a bad sour. It's not sweet at all it far from it but it a good way. There is no sharp overly sour finish or aftertaste like other very hoppy beers have. That aftertaste is some what small and quite pleasent. This is a good hoppy beer with a good strong taste. Laevitation won 2007 gold medal at The Great American Beer Festival, which Stone has etched on the neck of the bottle as well to the left of the gargoyle. I wonder if he has a name, Stoney perhaps, That gargoyle appears on all of they're beers, bottles, boxes, ect. I like this and would drink it again. But like I said before all the flavors in Levitation are of bold, strong, and sharp hoppieness. So pick this up and try it to see if you like this style. Not all do, but some do. I do! Well it's getting time again to have a beer! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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