Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rahr & Sons Texas Red

Well howdy, here is another Rahr & Sons offering down in big ol' Texas. This is a Amber Lager. Texas Red, doesn't that sound like a title to a western. I see a ranch had drinking this after a hard days work, well it does have a seen right out of life on the ranch on the front lable. Looks cool. Well it's just the name of a they're beer. I like the name of this one. Maybe cause it has a larger than life state in the name. But I'm not liking this one just cause of name or the picture on the lable, no. I like it cause the way it taste. This Amber Lager pours a deep red color with a white head, and has a great sharpe cripsy sent of a light faint hop plant in a field. It looks like an ale, thats wrong. It has a nice malt carmel tast that is good and full of creamy flavor. This is good! Its super-smooth but not so smooth that it taste like water. Its has good blance of drinkablity and flavor. That's good for a brewer to have that blance in at least three different beers. That I like, and that's what makes it good. It has a nice sweet, super-smooth after taste. It has a great finish and a call for another. I am starting to like the Rahr & Sons Brewery and they're beers. I would like to try all that they brew. I think you should too. Starting with this and Ugly Pug. Its a good one. Tell ya friends and please share some with them for a good time! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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