Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saint Arnold Christmas Ale

I had this one way back during Thanksgiving and I might not give this a proper review. But I will think hard and do the best I can. The Saint Arnold, no relation to that action movie guy, is out of Houston Texas. This beer pours an red amber color with a skinny white head. Now it does change a little in color if you slowly drink it. It becomes a lighter red color over time but not very much different shade. But I am no chemist so I don't know why it does. Anyway, it has a dark bready scent with a hoppy scent mixed in. Smells alright, but not great. It has a soury malt and hop taste that has a heft to it and really stick to your tounge. The aftertaste is spicey with sour grapes and grass notes to it. Not my favorite one. I close to the dislike side for this one. It is not really great nor is it aweful, but close to it. You might try it or not. I am not saying you should leave it and go on. Oh no it is not that good. But maybe worth a try sometime. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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