Friday, December 23, 2011

Hoegaarden Wit

This is another unfiltered wheat beer, but this is a Belgian white or Blanche. Hoegaarden is a large Belgian brewery. It is also old as well, 1445. This wit is brewed with spices, and is 4.9% ABV. This on has a how to pour this beer on the back of the bottle, just four easy steps. This ensures that you get all the great taste out of this beer. This Hoegaarden is the only offering from they're brewery that you might find here in the US. I have yet to find the many other they brew. This wit poor a very very cloudy yellow color that is almost a hazey white. The head is a bright white and very thick. This beer has the crisp wheat, malted barley, slight hint of coriander and orange peal. The finish and after taste are crisp simi-sweet clean and refreshing. This is a very good beer. I love this one alot. I think most beer drinks would. It has great flavors all around and is smoothly drinkable. So go out and pick up one for an awesome try. Cheers! Please drink repsonsibly!

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  1. This is a one of my favorite beers ever! I never liked beer until I tried this one and it tastes so crispy and love the orange coriander flavor. I would almost say it's a "CHIC" beer.