Friday, December 9, 2011

The Bruery 4Calling Birds

Here is another Christmas beer. This is another brew from my rare beer of the month club. 4Calling Birds is brewed by The Bruery, in Placeinta CA. You all know the song 12 days of Christmas. Well Every year they make a brew from on the days fo Christmas in the song. Now this is a strong beer due to the fact that its aged on oak spirals. Its 12.6% abv. Its black with almost no head. It smells like old burned coffee. It has the same old burned coffee taste with a heavy spice and bad cough medicine. Aftertast is no good, has that awful medicine taste that leaves a funk in your mouth. This bird sticks to your ribs and coats your stomach and makes you full. This is my least favorite one. I had to throw it out, and I don't ever do that with a beer. But this is just awful tasting all around. Stay away from this nasty pigeon. I call it GROSS. I would never have this again nor would I give it to another beer drinker. No sir! Find something else to have instead of this brew please. Well I now think that the Bruery can't brew beer. So much of that brewery. Merry Christmas! Cheers Please drink responsibly!

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