Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ridgeway Brewing Bad Elf

Well here is a fine beer from all the way across the pound in merry ole England. This comes to us from the Ridgeway Brewery in Oxfordsire. This Bad Elf is a winter's ale. Ridgeway use three pounds of fresh hops in every barrel of Bad Elf. I got this a a Christmas present, and it comes in a 1.9 pint bottle. This beer is a nice 6% ABV. This beer pours a shady gold color with a very thick white lacey head. It has a nice hoppy aroma with hints of fresh bread. On first taste Bad Elf is creamy sweet with a touch of a hoppy bite. But as you get to the bottom to the glass it gets much hoppier tasting. I think it's the temperature and the air that causes this. The ale has a much hoppier aftertaste that is crisp and most pleasant. I think it is really good this one. I thought It was going to be good, but not as good as it turned out after I finished this wonderful pint. I have only briefly heard of this one. I do not know to much about this brewer yet, I have another beer from this brewery in my refrigerator, Lump of Coal, a dark stout. That blog post will come soon, I promise ya! Try this one quick it is a Christmas seasonal beer, might be gone before you know it! Please join this site to comment, by creating a Google account! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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