Friday, December 23, 2011

New Belgium Trippel

Here we are again for another beer. New Belgium yin Fort Collins Co. This is a new world Belgian Trippel ale, that is bottle-conditioned. This means that the beer is unfiltered and the final conditioning is done in the bottle. This Trippel is 7.8% Abv, and it's brewed with coriander. I only bought one 12oz bottle, to see if I should by an entire six pack, and yes I should. This New Belgium pours a nice golden copper color with a nice white lacey head. This has a strong taste, but not in that bad sour kind of way. It's due to the fact that it, like most Belgium and belgian style are of a higher abv. percent It has a sweet hoppy floral scent. This Trippel has a sweet taste of the coriander and a slight sugary taste that you get at the end of the corainder followed by that sweet hoppiness. On the after taste you get a less sweeter taste with that strong mouth feel of the 7.8% alcohol. This brew is smoother than some new world Belgian Trippels. This is suprisingly good. I though I would like this, but not as much as I did. I really like it. Trippel is really good. I should get it in a six pack next time. This is a well brewed Belgian Trippel, New Belgium does brew great beers. I think you should go out and try this one, you'll be surprised how good this really is. Go for this one and tell ya friends it's good! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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