Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blue Moon Belgian White

This here is a popular brew enjoyed by many. This is brewed in Denver Colorado in the Sandlot brewery, at the Colorado Rockies baseball park, Coors Field. Pretty cool especially on the seventh inning stretch! Blue moon is owned by the Brewing giant Millercoors, and now MolsenCoors. This is 5.5% abv. This Blue Moon is a dark orange color with a white head that fades fast. This beer is brewed with coriander and orange peels. You can really smell the orange peels and the wheat on this beer. This is one is one of my favorites, very good. Blue moon has a clean wheaty taste that is crisp and refreshing. There is a nice orange flavor there, but its not so strong and present. Good flavor, and drinkable. The finish is tasty  good crisp with a great wheat orangeness to it. This is like an old friend, can make you smile  and feel happy whenever your around it. Blue moon is especially good on a warm day had outside enjoying all that the Blue moons flavor has to offer. I think that Blue Moon really knows how to hand craft a great beer and everyone they make is just as good as the last. I would love to have one from the source sometime soon. So please try this old favorite and share with friends, family, and so fourth. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!  

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