Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vicaris General

Wow do I love Belgian beers and this from Brouweru Dillewyns is pretty damn good. The Dilleyns brewery is quite new, it was opened in 2011  by a 24-year-old Anne-Catherine Dillewyn and her father Vincent. This beer is a ture Belgian Abbey Double and is 8.8% abv. General has a nice creamy tan head that rises thick and pillowy above a deep mahogany beer. This Abbey ale as a very inviting look to it. The nose is good, it has sweet notes of roasted malts and delicate fruit. There is a nice sweet faint caramel scent as well. The body and taste of this is full rich, sweet with a fine hop bitterness at the finish. The aftertaste is of a nice sweet and roasted nut and a slight caramel candy. This Vicaris General has a look that is so good and the taste matches the it look perfectly. This beer is like James Bond, looks good acts very dashing, sauve, always says the right thing and wins. But its not the James Bond of beer no I'm sorry. But still this is a good new Belgian brew that I would love to try again and try other offering from the Dillewyns brewery. I highly recommend this beer to you! Cheers Please drink responsibly!  

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