Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shiner Ruby Redbird

Shiner has made another great beer! Yes I love a good Shiner. This is a nice summer seasonal brewed with Texas Ruby Red grapefruit juice and lovely ginger, at 4.01% abv. These two pair well together. Ruby pous a nice golden orange color with a nice head of white that laces nicely as you enjoy this Redbird. The aroma is of a nice citrus fruitt that a tangy sweet scent. It reminds me of a fresh grapefruit. The scent of this is very inviting, nice and pleasent. Ruby has nice sweet and tangy flavor that is of critrus fruit and then there is a nice pleasent kick of tangy ginger that finishes nice and tart. The is beer is sweet at first but finishes nice and tart, and isn't bitter like a grapefruit. This is a bit sweet than an average grapefruit, but not much though, just a tad, a bit, just smige. This is a very well balanced beer that is crisp refreshing and very drinkable. I have always liked this and always look foward to having one when it arrives at the stores. Neither of the two ginger or grapefruit over power one another, the work well perfectly and make for one great big taste when combined here. Ruby is very very freshing, even on the hottest of days when you see heat waves off the road. Yes you can see that, just drive on a Texas highway in July. I get all happy when I have this, I feel relaxed and I welcome the warm summer time to come. This is on my favorites list, and it should be on yours! Cheers! Please drink resonsibly! 

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