Saturday, June 23, 2012

Franziskaner Weissbier

Two years ago I was traveling across Europe and was in Germany, and I at the hotel bar they had this wheat beer. Being a fan of wheat beers I ordered this and I fell in love. This is a very well brewed weissbier or wheat beer. This, Franziskaner is 5.6% abv, not an average abv. Franziskaner poor a cloudy orange color with a thick head that just goes on and on and on. It kind of takes over your glass. But that common among real German wheat beers and such. There is a nice banana scent that goes right behind that sweet orange wheat scent that is so wonderful. This here makes me smile when I see it and put my nose to it. The tastes make me feel the same way, with it nice wheat flavors. I found this to have a nice kind of sweet banana to this but nothing like Baltika wheat but that banana on this is quit good. This is has a nice smooth wheat taste that is not overly filling or heavy. Some wheat beer can be heavy and that isn't good if you really like how it taste, and want another. This has the right amount of wheat and yeast to it. Very well done. Well I would hope that they do a very good job on brewing since they've been doing it since 1397. I can even begin to wonder what beer drink has been like from then to now. When you drink a German beer it so simple yet so good and people talk about them like they are a complex beer. I love this one a lot. Very very and good and so well done. Cheer! Please drink responsibly!


  1. I just tried this beer the other day and was quite pleased with it.I was looking for the Paulander beer initially but it was not available so this was a great substitute! As the initial poster noted this beer is lighter than a normal wheat beer, but just as satisfying!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed this beer, and thank you for the comment.