Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shiner Bock

This here is a pretty common beer from Shiner. It's pretty easy to find around most of this country. This Shiner is a Bock beer. If you don't know what a bock beer is please read my lesson on bock beer here on this blog. Shiner Bock is 5.0% ABV, and is the combination of old world Bavarian heritage with American handcrafted brewing. There is a nice semi sweet scent about this on that remind of a sweet roll, with a nice roasted malt scent. Tasting this bock you get a smooth malt taste with very little hops and that nice subtle roasted malt. Shiner Bock has nice clean finish with a tiny sweetness with a good crisp malt finish. This dark beer is delightfully drinkable. This is yet another beer that isn't at all what is appears to be. This a good beer to sway some to liking darker beer, or want to try them. Some say this is just a novelty brew, but those don't know squat about beer or how good this is. This one is like my old friend, good always there, easy to get a hold of, and one of the first beers I had eight or nine years ago. I look back and say what a great choice. I really like this Bock! Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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