Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shiner Blonde

Yes everyone loves a good looking blonde, and this is a one of them. This blonde is a Bohemian-style golden larger. It's a 5% abv blonde that is a true blonde in color with a nice head of white. There is a nice hoppy scent and there really is much more that I found. The Blonde has a nice crisp slightly sweet taste that is full of flavor. Shiner blends American and European hops to achieve the great taste. It is great on a hot day of working or being outside. Shiner Blonde is quite refreshing. The finish is light crisp, slightly bubbly with a tiny sweet hop flavor. I believe that most common beer drinker would enjoy this, simply because well it simple. Not much to this beer really, nor does it look dark, bitter, and/or heavy. Good spring and summer beer. This is good, but not excellent. I would give this to Bud drink and make a Shiner Blonde drink out or him, and I would work. It's a better than a Budweiser in my opinion. I should try that sometime, and you should try THIS sometime. Cheers! Please drink responsibly!

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