Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Atwater Brewery Summertime Ale

Welcome to The Best Beer Blog's two hundred post!! The summertime style of beer is such a broad style. This could range from wheat to an IPA. Some can be very simple and others can be overly complex. This here is Atwater Brewery (Detroit, Michigan) Summertime Ale, 5.0% ABV blond ale brewed with lemons. Summertime pours a deep amber color with a thin bright white head that leaves very thin lacing. I found not so much light streaming through the glass, but some and there is a nice amount of carbonation bubbles. This beer looks nothing like blond ale. The aroma is filled with bitter lemon and a hint of malt. The taste on Atwater Summertime Ale is a big bitter lemon with a faint bittering hop around the lemon. The taste reminds me of IPA not so much blond ale. The mouth feel is light to somewhat medium with a clean lemony like finish, which leads into a bitter aftertaste. This beer isn’t entirely true to what the label says. This one really confuses me with the way it looks and how it taste. This Atwater Summertime Ale is getting C- from me. Not a great beer at all, but not something that I would pour out. No I wouldn’t have this again. It’s okay I guess, but not great. So I do not recommend this at all. Don’t try this folks. I didn’t like this summer ale all too much. There are way better summer beers out there to have than this. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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