Sunday, March 9, 2014

Shiner White Wing Belgian White

The Belgian White Style is probably one of the most popular styles of beer; this is due to the fact that Blue Moon and Shock top are so widely popular. Belgian white is a light drinking and refreshing style that isn’t high in alcohol either. Here is a new Belgian White from Shiner, (The Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, Texas) White Wing Belgian White, 4.7% ABV. White Wing is brewed with authentic Belgian yeast, coriander, orange peal, barley, wheat malts and Saaz hops. White Wing Belgian White pours a light yellow color with a big thick three finger head that fades somewhat slowly into thin lacing. There is plenty of light streaming through the glass with a healthy amount of carbonation. The aroma is big with nice citrus orange and just a tiny hint of a lemon like scent. The taste on White Wing Belgian White is light, crisp, and refreshing with nice orange flavors and hints of a coriander spice with a very faint lemon flavor.  The mouth feel is light to medium, and has a nice refreshing citrus finish that leads into a nice clean citrusy spice after taste. Overall not a bad beer from Shiner, they usually brew decent beers; White Wing Belgian White gets a B+ here. The Belgian White style is usually a good popular style so most of the beers are good. But I’ve had really awesome Belgian White’s and this one is close. A few of the actual Belgian Whites from Belgium are the best of the Belgian Whites. But I think some of those can be a bit on the heavy side where as White Wing Belgian White is more drinkable. It doesn’t fill you up as quickly as the Belgians do. White Wing Belgian White is good and I do recommend this White Wing Belgian White. So go out and try White Wing Belgian White as see what you think of it. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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