Sunday, April 26, 2015

Howard Brewing Action Man Lager

Lager beers are often over looked when it come to craft beer. It is even a dirty word in some cases due to all the giant macro-brewing corporations, which might produce a not so great product in some people’s opinion. But I think if you can brew a great awesome lager beer then you are truly a great beer brewer. What I mean is when you brew are porter or stout you can hide mistakes behind the bold flavor of the porter of stout where as lager all the not so great flavors or mistakes come right to the front. There are no big flavors to hide behind. Howard Brewing Company in Lenoir North Carolina brews this Vienna Style Lager called Action Man Lager, 5.5% ABV. This is another beer selected and delivered by Brew Publik ( They use traditional German hops here. Action Man Lager pours a light copper color with a three and a half finger beige head that slow to dissipate. I found some light coming through the glass with a good amount of carbonation to it. The aroma on Action Man Lager is a little sweet with malts and a little biscuit scent. It is a nice aroma that isn’t overwhelming. The taste is first a little sweet up front followed by a less sweet malted flavor with a breaded and biscuit taste. The malts are just a little too much on the taste for me. There isn’t really any flavor of toasted malts on Action Man Lager that you would normally get on a Vienna Lager. The mouth feel is light to somewhat medium with a nice malted and semi-sweet finish. The aftertaste is less sweet that the finish but the malts are a bit more present then fade away. Overall this isn’t a bad beer but I would say it is great so I’s say this is a C-. It has a few good qualities to it, like a nice malted flavor and it wasn’t overly sweet. But I just found it to be a little bit of a boring beer. Would I try this again? I might sometime, but not too soon. But if you’d like you go head and try Howard Brewing’s Action Man Lager. It’s not terrible; it’s jut not the best. Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!

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