Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 2017 Beer Camp Golden IPA

You might think there is sort of a theme going on with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. beers, there’s not, I just happen to like the Sierra Nevada beers. They brew some great beers. This Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 2017 Beer Camp Golden IPA, 6.5% is a new beer for the spring season from their Beer Camp series of beer and is only available this spring. Each year Sierra Nevada brews a different beer for each season. Golden IPA pours a clear golden color with a bright tow and a quarter finger white head with good retention, and leaves behind nice white whipped lacing. The aroma is more on the Pilsner side with a little bit of hoppy pine and earth notes and some lemon citrus cues. Taste is easy on the taste buds with light lemon citrus with faint underling earthy and pine notes. The mouth feel is somewhat light with a nice but light clean hoppy citrus finish and a after taste that is a touch on the dry side with a little lemon with a little hop tingle. But as this Golden IPA warms the hop become more present as does the earth notes. This beer is easy to drink giving this an A+. Something I highly recommend drinking. It is not overpowering on your taste buds nor is it too hoppy. It’s just right and refreshing. I was nicely pleased on how good it was. I would go right back for another, and so should you! Cheers! Please enjoy responsibly!  

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